Sunday, December 16, 2007

Resolution? This is one you dumbass!

If you don’t want a certain person in your life, say so.

If you never genuinely wanted to even be with someone even if it’s for the weekend, say so.

If that person knows for sure that she or he doesn’t mean anything more than a mere fuck to you, there is absolutely no harm in being honest.


Hell no I am ever going to do this for anybody anymore. Okay then, I am only going to use you for money… that is exactly what you want me to take you as anyway.


  1. Babe,

    Who's that dumbass? Meh sini i sekeh kepala dia...

  2. my knuckles are big enough. Kalau I sekeh, mesti pengsan that dumbass.

  3. money sounds good to me :))
    take it take it

  4. sHERYL, mSd and DNAS,

    please la do go and sekeh that bastard. dia telah merobek2kan hati gua beberapa kali. gua pun satu, asyik volunteer jadi bahan robek2 sahaja.

    Dr Frapp,

    you be his bitch la.. get money. hahaha