Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I am Woman... hear me whine...

I am guilty of not being much of a blogger for the past week.

I am still waiting for the phone line to be installed. Actually went back to Telekom again to check on the status. You know how it is with their customer service right? Together with Maybank’s hopeless CS division, they could share the award for the worst Customer Support team in the world.

Let me see, my week long leave was boring, last weekend was okay as we had the sales convention and all (And I get to meet with The Acquaintance) and for this week, I got myself a pair of low waist jeans at a steal of a price from Dorothy Perkins, the only place that makes my size and I am looking forward for the weekend because I will be in KL yo! Fer real yo!

The most important thing is that I am officially detached from the one person who kept on hurting and hurting me over and over again. I am totally single and though the thought kept on popping up in my head, you know what? There will always be things that you could not get because you don’t deserve it.

In this case, I don’t deserve such bad treatment from this person. So I walk. Fair enough I gather.

Yes, this experience makes me more bitter than what I used to be, but it’s an experience that will hopefully help me in fending off bastards in the future.

There are a lot of bastards out there. it’s just hard to pick then out from the crop.

I am not used to getting what I want, personal life wise… and that’s okay. I know a few women who are going through what I am struggling with right now, and we are always telling ourselves that we will bounce back from this.

Fahrin stood by me like a big brother I never had. The Acquaintance listened to my pathetic melodramatic phonecalls and everyone else in the circle simply tried to lift me up.

The only consolation we have is in our work. Work is predictable and it is something that you can control. Relationships are, by our standard, still is rocket science, and launching satellites hold no significance whatsoever in my life goals.

So here’s to a bastard free 2008!


  1. I'll toast you 2008, a year full of caring friends (old and new)!

  2. I wish some scientist would invent a bastard radar soon, so that girls won't have to waste time getting into aimless relationships with any of them (the bastards i mean, not the scientists... hahahaha). Happy 2008!

  3. dnas,

    no need for a radar. all men are bastards. the only thing is.. for how long. some are bastards all the time. some only some of the time. a few only a few days in a year.


  4. pheewiiiittt!!!! yo hot beb! have a wonderful year ahead!!!

  5. Ms. D,

    to new friends and wonderful new things!


    i assumed all the men that i am attracted to to be bastards. i am bast magnet remember?

  6. Des,

    ya meh? buat citer tipu la you ni! :P


    why you too babe... anybody who dont check you out every other day is at loss!