Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I look you in the eye... oh frugality


I think I have established before this that 'frugality' is definitely NOT one of my personal strengths.

Perhaps I should tell you guys that I am a real terror when it comes to 'overspending'.

Sure I will always have money but... really.. on a serious note... I should control what I spend my money on.

I am constantly reminded of my lack of self control every time I look at my clothes...

Sometimes I would dig through my 'collection', holding up a top that I never knew I had. I once found out (Nay... discovered...) that I bought a top from Gap, that was still in the Gap paper bag, hanging on my room's door knob, three weeks after I purchased it.

And the shoes... yes the shoes... Joyce, my housemate thinks that I would need more than 2 ten tier shoe rack to store all of my shoes, now, she meant to say... without the prospect of any other shoes coming in any time soon.

So yes... I am a prolific spender, although I am not as worst as the 'shopaholic' (The movie I only bothered to watch once, because I so HATE Sophie Kinsella's books. Sure not everyone can write, but I just can't swallow... chick lit)

So this is what I am going to do to have some sense of financial control. I am going to test myself by doing this for 3 months and see if it's going to take me somewhere preferably away from this situation of 'knowing but ignoring' the seriousness of the situation.

I am not going to spend on clothes and shoes and bags for myself.


I am not going to go around malls, and two same tops in different color.

Talk is cheap... you say...

Yeah.. this is what I am going to do.

I am going to write here on my progress... like every day... every cent I save... every cent I spent on... what I think of buying and if I surrender to the temptation of having money and not spend it.

Also, it is my resolution to pay off some of my loans so that I can be debt free.. at least 50% debt free.

Wish me luck!



  1. I tell meself same thing when it comes to buying books. There are still books that I bought but havent yet read and I keep buying more every month!!

  2. I always have the urge.
    But somehow it stays that way.
    No money?
    But most importantly I grew up wanting a lot but learned to be happy with less.
    The habit stayed.
    And I am glad it did.