Sunday, February 3, 2008


I was reading Ms J’s entry (sorry ye, I dont know how to link it up properly.) and it made me think.

I am not going to lie that I have been around. I have done things that I am not proud of and will never be proud of. If I am ever going to meet that soulmate of mine, should he exist, I would not know if I could muster the courage to tell him that I have done all that, in fear of him feeling that he shortchanged himself by choosing me.

I have a dark past that I don’t even want to know existed, and I have succeeded in keeping it under wraps.

Although it wrenches my heart everytime I reminisce about it.


  1. do like bill clinton... don't ask, don't tell..

  2. A man should accept you the way you are.

    Dont have to tell him everything as he may use the information against you when u guys fight. Just tell him wht he needs to know. I know honesty is the best policy but believe me some things are not meant to be revealed :)

  3. If he's a real soulmate, it wouldn't matter what your past is, no matter how bad.

  4. wise words from pugly and cosmic gurl...only tell things that you know will come up inevitably..the rest, like number of partners you have been with etc..are best kept underwraps.


  5. A fiance of 5 years at home, a lover in Jakarta, a 2-year full time exclusive boyfriend in Hong Kong and a former lover who became a soulmate in KL - knowing fully that I had all those men in my life at the same time and he still wants me to be the woman of his life.

    I have never been happier and contented, babe.

    Just when you think there wouldn't be anyone who could accept you and the transparency of your past.

    It's a pleasant suprise.

  6. i feel like shouting when i read the post...

    like what she said, enuff of the past...

    just move on...
    me, u, everybody have their own dark stories that sampai mati pun best kept under the carpet...

    these kind of things that can actually jeopardize relationships and one's impression twds u better keep it intact with ya...

    not that u wanna be untruthful but when it happens>>> can the other party accept?

    it's not fair for people to judge u based on ur past especially u have changed to someone much2 better...

    feel sad reading her entry...


    i think i will have to wait until the time comes to find out for sure eh?

    thanks for the advice, ill definitely keep those in mind dears!