Thursday, February 14, 2008

The day when couples candle lighting, singles go out partying

Valentine’s is a day when frower sellers hike the price to almost 100% from the normal price tag and cuddly toys and chocolates are sold like hotcakes.

For one day, inflation was steadily going up, and boy, as singles, we are just glad we are single. At least, we don’t have to look for ideas to amuse our other half on that one single day.

I decided to go out with a couple of my single girlfriends yesterday night. Initial plan was to swing down to TGIF and get a decent dinner before driving over to a pub for drinks. I received a call from Anna saying that TGI was booked and she decided that we should meet at Modesto’s in ZON instead.

The thing about Modesto’s is that the quality of the food is inconsistent. I once had a nasty experience of being served dried rubbery grilled chicken with cold pasta instead of hot. It used to be a great place with great food. Now the servings are cut down to almost half and for that kind of pricing, I would rather go to TGIF and splurge on delicious food and great beer. I went for a safe bet of Pizza and Soda, while my two other Chiccas went for grilled salmon and salmon pasta.

Thankfully, the food turned out to be okay yesterday night. But the serving is still pretty sad.

We were all out yesterday, despite a bit of drama earlier in the day. i was dressed up, all ready in my jeans to have fun. We hopped over to a pub which is owned by a friend of ours, and opened a bottle of Chivas. There was a live duo playing and we were dragged to sing our own version of a song that I don’t even know.

Minus the drunk uncles and all, we Chicas had a great singles’ valentine.

And we also got to know about a certain gay bar down the block, we planned to go on their ‘Banana Night’, whatever the heck that means. :P

Chicas and me, bewildered

Suz and moi

Anna & moi

Singing dondang sayang with passion

Anna seconds before crooning an Indon song

Our classic gedik cam whores pose


  1. I'm not big on the whole v-day crap. Thankfully neither is my wife. Anyway, roses that are worth RM0.50 each are sold like RM15 for 2.. what a major !@(#!*@%&! ripoff!

    And has modestos really ever served good food? TGIF anyday man.

  2. oitt!!! sorry i missed your birthday!


    by the way, a bit of promo, can ah...

    Hop to CAMEOBOX for various designs of accesories!

  3. i somehow teringat lagu girls just wanna have fun

  4. sarcy, you look hot! and it's much better than a sappy candlelit dinner huh?

  5. Iszo,

    well.. if you ask me, i love the food at Hyatt Singapore... its GREAT! heh!

    and of course Chili's.. yum yum...


    thanks babeh.

    i dropped a suggestion at the website, mainly because i am looking for long layered neclaces now.. its so damn hot and boho!

  6. Des,

    agreed. but now, id rather cook myself for good food.. hik.. not often la kan.. only on the weekends.


    we did have fun... but i planned for us to go and dance our brains out next month.. all gurl gurl!!


    uuuu.. thank you, you are just as hot yourself (although i have never actually seen you before la kan... i assume la.)

    being a girl, i still would like that big white lillies bouquet, but not just on Vday, on every other day kalau bleshhh...