Monday, February 25, 2008

Kepada yang tersayang... Hahaha!

I am a simple person with simple solutions to everything. Sure my problems are mostly more complicated than other people’s but I always pulled through.

Take my last so called ‘relationship’, if it’s not going to work, why hang around and very fittingly, I walked.

When I found out that a person I thought I knew came out to be the idiot that he was and had so conveniently lost my trust in him as a friend, I totally broke down. On my way back home, I actually had to stop at the road side and I cried my eyes out.

Tersedu tersedan occay?

And then I went on retail therapy at WH and bought myself a beautiful dress and gorgeous heels.

Make that two beautiful dresses, the other one I intended to wear to a clubbing trip I plan to go next weekend.

And make that two gorgeous heels.

After that, I stopped calling him, completely. MY life goes on and I couldn't care less about my ex’s life.

If my personal life is to be made into a some Manjalara Kacip Fatimah (Or something rather) Malay drama series, it would definitely be a flop. (But considering I will never be caught dead wearing those hideous outfits (Yo, check out the clothes they wear in the Datin Diaries series) or ever get the opportunity to be a sugar baby to some old Malay Dato’s, what are the odds now eh?)

That said, my take on things are always the simple take. It saves me from a lot of heartache, headache, involuntary spasm and shit like that.

But in the huge Malay context of things, complicated is THE way to go. The more complicated, THE BETTER.

“I suka you, I sayang you. I dah cakap dengan mak bapak I yang I suka you sesangat.”

*Pukes in mouth*

Bear in mind that this girl met this guy in Friendster and have never met each other before.

This could only show either one of these things;

a) Malaysians are IT savvy
b) Malaysians are overly romantic
c) Malaysians are unrealistic.

If things keep going on at this rate, one day, there might just be a solemnization ceremony via the internet la nanti.

To me, when I introduced someone to my parents, I am expected to have really planned the whole thing. It’s a big frikkin’ step, that I will have to think through carefully before coming to any kind of conclusion. I would have to also be with the guy for more than two years.

Hey, I am not your everyday ‘Minah Jiwang’ who spends her days daydreaming about ‘sayang – ing’ someone, believes in love at first sight and talked as if I have a ‘sembilu’ script in my head.

“Sarcy tak sanggup Abang, tak sanggup. Sarcy tak sanggup kawin dengan orang lain selain dari abang!”

(Think one of those scenes where the waiter walked to the table in his white shirt and black bow tie and I would most definitely say, “Jus Oren satu.”)

And then there’s this whole funny thing about calling the other half ‘Abang’.

*Pukes in my mouth yet again*


  1. Ya man.. whats with the abang business? I think thats probably one of the most abused words in Malay! I thought it meant bro? With the extremely limited Malay that I have, can't blame me for not knowing any other meaning.

    I wish girls were more realistic like you. All of them wish they lived in fairytale stories. Curse those damn writers.


    I dont get the whole "abang" thing either. WHY WHY WHY would u want to call your husband "abang"??? Would u really want to imagine making love to your brother? Eww.

    I am shocked to hear of many,many Malays who "think" that it is a religious requirement to call your husband that. Amazing isnt it?


  3. I don't call my hubby abang. It's just too weird.
    I don't call my brothers abang either. We decided to call each other on first name basis. Most people can't even guess we're siblings sebab muka lain-lain.
    Your 'Sembilu' dialogue must have hujan lebat from paip bomba and the 'abang' left you basah kuyup in a sheer white dress.

  4. Iszo,

    is that a compliment.. ihihihi... thanks bro... :. agaknya its also because i dont read romance novels la... allergic to mushy stuff


    got meh??? EEEUUUUWWWWW! hope nothing of that sort comes my way...


    tak pelik, bagusla.

    kenapa mesti warna putih... jarang itu haram okay?? hehehehe

  5. I can see how u n err.. ha, yr significant other relationship would turn out :D if it's made into a sitcom, gimme a front row seat ... :D

  6. hahahahahha! blardy farnee entry. sakit perut i baca. ahhahahahahaha!

    "Sarcy tak sanggup Abang, tak sanggup" Hey! ur lines are not so bad. bwhahahahahahahahahahahah!

  7. Sarcy, I kid u not!

    I get the 3rd degree when people find out I dont call my brother Abang and when they find out my stance on NOT calling my future hubby "Abang". One even said "What kind of Muslim are u? Itu kewajipan tau! Tak hormat suami kalau tak panggil Abang"
    Really, how warped is our sense of religion? Yang disuruh buat, kita tak buat. Yang dilarang, kelam kabut nak buat. Sigh.

    Talk about getting our priorites right eh? ;)


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