Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Epitome of stupidity - Maria

I think I did not tell you guys about a stupid woman who banged my car, did I?

Well, it happened and it pisses me off.

It happened in front of my friend’s house where I parked the car like normal. She backed out and hit my car at the passenger seat door.

Instead of coming out from her car to check out her stupid damage caused by her incompetent driving, the stupid woman, Maria (This is totally her name. no anonymity is of use here. I think she is a buffoon because she obviously is incapable of politeness.) drove over to me, who was stunned, and asked if she banged my car, I told her yes and she went;

“Oh… sorry la!” and drove off.

I marched to her house, called her husband and told him straight to her face this ;

“Excuse me. Your wife did this to my car, and she drove off saying sorry. Apa ni?”

He later said, okeh, bill it to him. I certainly will, asshole. The stupid woman did come back, drop her card and asked to call her once the repair’s been done.

So, being the perfectionist that I have always been who could not stand driving around with a dented car, I did my car as fast as possible and called her up.

She complained that it was too expensive.

I thought you are lucky that I didn’t send it to the Proton workshop, that would have cost you a bomb having to pay more than the amount I asked you to pay back.

She later gave me an excuse that she would like to run it by her boss at work.

Hey, thinking that both of us are fellow women, I cut her some slack, although I am still trying to figure out who hit me, her boss or her stupid self.

Today, one day more than the so called ; ‘ satu dua hari ni.’ From last Saturday, I called, three times, she did not pick up.

Now my questions are;

1) What level of education should you have to act like a civilized human being who would actually be concerned when your car hit another car by accident?

2) Is RM 200 expensive compared to the 300 over bucks she would have to cough out if I am to bring it to any proton workshop?

3) Does drawing on a nice pair of eye brows like normal women pose any challenge to a middle age woman with two daughters?

4) What do you answer when someone looks at your new paintjob and ask you ‘Oh… dia cat sekali ek?’

5) When you said in one/ two days, does it mean in one / two weeks?

6) Should I start calling her every hour like an ah long and while at it, shoot every ounce of sarcasm that I have?—(which I do have … a lot.)

I need suggestions, dear readers. And I might just show those answers to her stupid face. IN the meanwhile, I ahve already answered yes to the last question. I am doing that now, and hell, it is annoying, but do I care?


  1. Sarcy,

    If her car was rather new or jenis yg insurance dia mahal, you may have wanted to tahan with the dent on your Wira for a bit, make police report then claim 3rd party insurance against her car. She may end up losing in total a few times more than RM300 due to NCD loss. Hassle sikit on your part but the satisfaction may be worthwhile.

  2. next time make a police report la... but since it's over 24 hours it's no longer an option..

  3. Mark,

    yes, it is a hassle... and i do not intend to do all that for a minor dent. u see, i am not the kind of person who would blow anything out of proportion but this is frikkin' ridiculous. the last time i hit a guy (Thankfully the guy let me off because his car was already dented and the guy happened to be very honest and cute as well) i was so apologetic! haiyohh.. and he is not even local!


    babe, 200 worth of damage for that dent and want to do a police report? anyway, i told you i know where the stupid woman stay. there's no need for that. serang je rumah dia

  4. pi la habaq husband dia...

    or else, like u say, pi serang her house... what the freaking hell..

    or else, give a scratch to her car and see what she'll do huhu

  5. i never trusted verbal promise. This happened to me twice and i reported them regardless.

    The 1st one tried to run away from his promise but thank god for the police report, i was able to claim from his insurance and he was fined for not reporting the incident. The 2nd one paid and i withdrew the report, told the police that it was settled after 1 week.

    Next time, just report. In this case i dunno how else you could hassle her especially if she's got friends/relatives who'd advise her that there's nothing you could do to her without a report. Sad but true.

  6. sundel sungguh pompuan tu. i suggest u taunt her. seriously. sampai dia bayar. sikit tak sikit, 200 is YOUR money and u deserve nothing less. kong hajo betul. 200 pun x mampu. masa langgar keta org otak letak mana la gamaknya.

  7. Aku fikir kan...pergi rumah dia...jumpa suami dia...bawak penyapu sekali...apa nyer manusia ni...dah langgar..buat konon nak bayar lepas tu senyap...

    make noise to the hubby..biar dia malu sikit. At least kalau dia tak bayar..ada chan hubby bayar..selesai jugak RM200

  8. Kawaii,

    babe, akaks ada kellaass occay, i dont scratch people's car, and i pay people on time if (I sure hope not la kan) i bang a car.

    and plus i have eye brows, so i am not going to act like the woman...


    usually if anything of this kind happens, i report, but since i know where this woman lives and i have three witnesses who saw the whole thing (including my friend's uncle who is a policeman), i figured... give the woman some slack la.

    baik kan saya?

  9. Momfeline babeh,

    otak lotak dokek punggong sinun. kiki...


    hi and welkam dood.

    aku dah buat berapa banyak noise to both husband and wife, sometimes rasa like stupid la jugak over 200 right? but 200 pun.. its still money correct?

  10. I suggest, u beli spray merah, pastu pegi mark her front door with a big cross. Mesti jiran-jiran ingat dia ada hutang Along. Hahahaha.

  11. DNAS,

    alahai, ko ni kezaliman tahap maksima betul la pompuan oiiii...