Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lalala... see cake turn away.. lalalala

I am on a one meal a day diet and 3 hours of grueling cardio workout on weekends routine.

The reason? Simple. I need to have a buff bod to walk/run on the beach in my bikini.

Well… the objective here is to be a ‘bit’ buff la. Afterall, you can’t expect to be buff serta merta after only one month on strict diet and exercise wot?

My friend is currently in the process of promoting a particular diet shake which cost around 350 bucks per month.

And it worked, on her.

Now, I know my body. The only thing that works on this piece of meat is fiber shakes, diet and exercise. No diet shakes are ever going to work.

So I have to lay off carbs, eat more proteins and do more crunches.



  1. 3 hours on weekends? What do you do? I need to get in on that too.

  2. KAwaii,

    you sure? hahaha.. i wished my metabolisme is higher so i dont have to torture myself hik...


    one hour jog, one hour walk, half an hour strength training, half an hour stretching.

    i am naturallycurvy, so i think i will never be stick thin, but i do want my curves to be buffer. thin people turn me off.

  3. so, where is this beach that u were talking abt?

  4. Zetts,

    Siloso beach Sentosa la. decent beach and nearby somemore.. haha!

  5. actually, if you want to lose weight you should eat more often e.g. 5 times a day but smaller portions.

    limiting your food intake will only work in the short term.. after a while your body will go nuts and demand food. that's when the bingeing starts.

  6. i cant take food in small2 portions. once i start eaiting, ill eat.. properly hahaha...

    besides i have to lose weight ... fast dude!

  7. damnnn! i'm back here! i wonder why...hahahaha

  8. I'm sorry, but I'm as typical as a man can be : Are you gonna post up any bikini pictures when you're done losing weight? :D~

  9. Izso,

    hmm.. maybe.. no promises.. hahahaha!