Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Post V-Day

*Conversation overheard during solo beer round*

Girl : Am I pretty?

Guy : Uhhuh *eyes looking at me*

Girl : Then where is my Valentine’s Day gift? *Whine… whine… gedik… gedik*

I was thinking… soooo… that’s how men like their women to be.

Honestly, I thought the main reason why I think my relationship went bust was because I was not whiney enough. That teamed together with the fact that I don’t own people well and also that I like being an individual and refused to be subdued to the whole idea of what a girlfriend should be, according to BF(ex).

The sex was good though, I must admit. Not like every time, but on the whole, generally, it was GOOD.

My Valentines was spent at home, with my two cats, watching TV from 6.30 PM till 10.00 PM. I retired to my room afterwards and read a book before I snoozed off to Lala land.

No presents, no roses, no dinner and no sex. Tried calling TheFling but he was out with some friends and I can’t help but to feel disgusted at myself and the rest of my girlfriends who preferred to stay at home because;

1) We were too tired from work.
2) It’s a work night and we are not up for flirting of any degree.

I know, lame excuses innit?

*Sarcy typing and bitching away… one day after VDay… furious and horny... STILL!!!*