Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I know;

About a guy friend who keeps naked pictures in his digital camera of his ex (He also SHOWED it to me. Thank God I was woozy and loaded with alcohol then)

About a guy friend who hates it when his girlfriend moans in ecstasy because he knew for sure that the woman was faking it (and so proceeded to bite her c**t just to wake her up.)

I guess it comes with being the only woman friend that they could speak honestly and without inhibitions to.

I have been ‘one of the guys’ eversince I could remember. From being one of them, I found out that most men keeps the real ‘them’ to a selected few females whom they trust, and I just happened to be one of them. They confided in me about sex, told me of their hopes and fears and introduced me to their girlfriend just to know what I think about them.

Being that I am ‘one of the guys’, I was more than welcomed to join them in their fratboy rituals. Beer sessions at the cheapo Chinese Restaurant at some Ghetto area (Think Sentosa and Century Garden, Johoreans would get what I mean), pool, and the occasional fag hustling at Jalan Dhoby. Vulgar words are a regularity and life would not be life without at least ending a phrase with a nonchalant most charming ‘Fuck’.

Just because of this, I love to be ‘one of the guys’. They never said ‘Get that piece of meat, girl!’ and smack me on the bum when I make my move to talk to a guy I like at a bar, but they make me feel like I am someone, at least in their life, someone with whom they could let it out with, someone who they trust.

And no offense to all my girlfriends, but strangely when I am with my guy friends, I wasn’t feeling like anyone of them bitched about me behind my back.

(Though recently one of them slipped that they actually discussed about the kind of guy that would suit me when I was not around. He did say it was ‘totally coincidental’ and it was only because one of them was asking about how I was doing).

They also asked me if I want them to beat up BF(ex) for me. I said no, I mean, what good would it do to me, and besides, I only want the best for him, even though I won’t forgive him for what he’s done to me. Weird ay?

So cheers all you symphonic farting and burping mateys! I know you lot don’t do blogs but be known that you are at least mentioned in this one.


  1. And on that note, happy valentine's day LOL hilarious post ;-)

  2. when is a girl accepted as one of the guys? usually when they're ugly enough la

  3. Plutonic relationship btwn d two sexes is always interesting - way the go!

  4. LX,

    thanks babe..:)




    no guesses as to who is more pathetic, the ugly girls with good friends or the guy/girl who can;t get ass and leave comments under an anonymous tag.

    Dr. Frapp,

    plutonic or platonic eh? always got me confused.

  5. i beg to differ with mr anon 10:48. the acceptance of a girl as one of the guys depends mostly on her personality. good looks is an added bonus, always. i mean, who wants to hang out with fugly people?

    on that note, get your a** up here, woman!