Friday, February 23, 2007

The life of a twenty something...

It's another cloudy day, perfect weekend to pig out (Laudry is calling out to me... cheh!)

Nappy head

I went to sleep at 5 am this morning.

The first time in months.

The last time was when I went clubbing with Anna and had to drag her ass to the mamak shop to get her a limau panas because she was dead drunk. She threw up at the side of the road and I had to ward off ‘muka tak siap mat rempits’ with a very hostile “Piss off fuckers!”.

Come to think of it now, I didn’t think that those people understood what I said.

Well, I am not going to try to hurl abusive language in Malay. Make me look stupid (Not intended as an attack to Sharifah Armani yea. For the record, I think she is a talented actress and not many actresses in Malaysia could be compared to her.)

I slept at 5 am yesterday because I was, for the first time in years, surfing the net. For porn & Hentai, blog hopping and talking to my friends who just woke up on the other side of the earth.

I woke up (officially) at 9.30 am, and decided to spend my weekend at home for a change. I need to do my laundry, clean my room and get everything straighten up. And now, I am so totally woozy in need of sleep.

Blog entry first, then sleep. (I have crazy ass inner voice.)

Post break up, I have been abandoning everything and the room is a mess. My jeans are hung at the side of the bed, my trusty water bottle has been empty for the past 4 weeks, and my desk is filled with trash and some receipts not meant for any parental figures to see (Heineken 2 botol, one bottle of JD and a bottle of Tequila at some pub named Gemme Drunk).

I am so sprung for spring cleaning.
Chat heads

I am not made for online chatting with strangers anymore.

For some reason, when I was 17 and MIRC was still considered a novelty rather than a memory accommodating software pest, chatting was a part of my agenda after school and sometimes even before school.

I seemed to think entertaining sickos with nicks like ‘HotSchlong’ and ‘Whitetitties’ was… well… amusing.

It was like a drug. I needed at least a jab every day.

After the recent thing that happened to me, I have been on the net more often that I would like to and it was mostly out of boredom.

I chatted more with my friends overseas, I even get to piss off some lame Yahoo chatters who wants to know my a/s/l.

Sicko : asl please?

Me : old/With you? No thank u/not playboy mansion

Sicko : Kul (as in cool in netspeak)

People who goes on random chats (Not my friends) are annoyingly dumb. There was once this dude who IM me and said that he wants to cum all over my face.

I replied; direct that limp hose of yours to your own gob. Take a picture and let me send to my friends working in Malay Mail or Metro. Make for a good case of demoralized Malaysians.

And as usual, the reply would always be;

Gob idiot : Kewl.


Now, I only chat with my friends and some bloggy friends on YM. I tried to minimize intellectually challenged people on my YM list.

Then again, I can only try…


My KL trip – Planning in Progress

Have I mentioned this in the blog? I guess not.

My last breather trip was to Malacca, I took a lot of (3 rolls of film? U betcha) pictures with my SLR and didn’t have time to scan it.

For my second breather, I want to go up to where no one that’s related to me would bump into me every 10 minutes in any of the malls, where nobody look at me if I decide to wear my long boho skirt with my tank top, where no one would wonder about the afro wrap on my head or if I want to go and get a tattoo on my cleavy (Which I am REALLY thinking of gettingà not a potential marriage material eh?).

The last time I was in KL was for a one day trip and there was no me time in between. Me and a couple of old friends went to Mid Valley (A waste of time, actually, because I don’t like that place) and then dinner at Le Marche @ The Curve with some sexy girlfriends (and boytoys??? Hahaha!) of mine.

And then that horrendous movie we caught at TGV. Spoiler to the whole night… because it sucked.

Oh and I did have difficulty getting around in One Utama, between the old wing and the new wing. How many wings do they have anyway? Last I heard another wing was supposed to open. Why can’t a mall be just a mall la dey!?

Can’t wait, can’t wait… heh!


Quote from Heroes – Scene – Simone proposing a toast to Peter Petrelli;

“To love… may we stay away from it when it’s no good to us!”



  1. three topics all rolled in one?...I hope the sleep did you good..hehehehe :p
    Follow me and you will know who I am...changed my id coz it was getting too common...

  2. asl?

    that's like 10 years ago kan?

    plan well for that KL trip, darling... u need time to rejuvenate - soul/mind/emotion. :-)

  3. maybe when I get down there, you can bring me to Gemme Drunk. That should be a receipt to laminate man! hahahaha ......

    hey, buzz me kay! it'll be nice to ngopi, or ngeteh, or ngokok. hahahaha.

  4. ice.... i get otak rambang syndrome sometimes.


    definitely babeh. rejuvenation habis sudah, its time for some serious partying!


    wei... i thot kawan horlicks o no sugar no milk... Hahaha!