Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It is a grim Wednesday indeed

Senyum buat - buat

I start work today.

I had to head the department because my boss was not around. All of the bloody inquiry emails gue kena layan. It was supposed to be split evenly between the manager and the seniors (Including me). But because my colleague and boss is on leave for the whole week, I have to entertain all of it.

Gue sungguh bosan tahap maksima.

In case you are wondering , I am at the moment in the middle of a speak Malay spree. One of my friends even asked me if there was something wrong with me as I actually spoke a 20 Malay word sentence yesterday.

Cintailah Bahasa kita. Bahasa melambangkan bangsa, bangsa Malaysia ye bukan Melayu sahaja. Tak kiralah kalau Ghani Othman tak setuju, saya setuju.

What did I tell you, I seriously have to look into retuning my linguistic preference now.

I still suck at speaking proper Malay though. You will know when I speak Malay to the customers at work.

“Macammana Encik boleh dapat tahu tentang kita ek?” (It was supposed to be how did you get to know about us?)


Forget about the ‘ek’ part as it is almost compulsory for a Johorean to have that lingo but after sometime I told myself that the sentence was supposed to be;

“Bagaimana Encik dapat tahu tentang syarikat kami ya?”

Eh… shoot me as the best I could get for my STPM Malay was a full pass B grade. I did a mock STPM English Lit. test and got a full pass with a flying colored A. Mind you, I didn’t even sign up nor did I study for the mock English Lit. test!

Darneth thee Shakespeare dudeth!

Like how my friends would call me, Melayu Murtad because my tongue always got twisted when I spoke in Malay. Melayu Americano, another would call me. Blasted faggots.

Bukan salah ibu mengandung. Salah baca buku orang putih banyak sangat I say!
A friend sms me in the morning and it just hit me that I am a friggin’ drunkard in the making.

‘Ladies Night tomorrow @ Lush Bar see you there 8 PM. Got a bottle have to finish.’

Like seriously. Potential AA member?
Yesterday, I came across my old Uni debate team point flash cards.

The topic was that of racial integration. I was on the opposition side. No wonder we lost. I remembered telling Drake (He was the team leader back then. Oih? I remembered???) that I want to pass on the session but he insisted for me to go upfront.

I’d rather call them points as lame excuses. Lesson that Drake learnt when we lost to some pathetic team from another unknown uni, was that NEVER PUT A LIBERAL ON THE OPPOSITION SIDE as it yields disasterous results. Besides, the audience seemed to be on the proposing side rather than ours.

See, I told Drake not to let the ill lucked C to flip the coin.

It is a grim wednesday indeed, but on the upside, today is Heroes night. I am a closet junkie of ordinary people with superpowers. Bite me.


  1. boleh saya tanya dari mana encik dapat tahu mengenai syarikat kami?

    dammit.. i sound like crap too.

    oh well. majulah sukan untuk negara.

  2. maner pakcik tau pasal kitorang ek?

    found you huhu

  3. kalau i cajap dgn client menggunakan bahasa ibunda, for sure my budak pejabat harus tergelak sampai tersenguk sengguk. bukan apa, i do sound so skema!

  4. oits.
    pindah laks.

    eh. sudah berpindah alamat ye cik Sarc?

  5. *friggin’ drunkard in the making*...hehe...gone are the days when I go home looking at things in 3D mode...
    well....I try :p

  6. sesungguhnye ini adalah suatu posting yang menarik lagi menawan. saya sungguh teruja membacanya dan akan kembali untuk mengikuti perkembangan seterusnya.

    Damn, Im crap at it too, Plus, i hate the word "teruja".

    nice one!

  7. Are u all dissin' d bahasa?...oh well dunt give up just yet, practice makes perfect, so gotta keep on practicing your bahasa ya! :P

  8. Des,

    did i mention when u speak in Malay it just sound so caucasian like that... huwahuwa...


    Welcome dear!

    kalau i panggil pakcik terus takde business kang... hahaha...

    i tak cajap, i cakap... hehehe... its normal actually... but here in the office, its quite ok because all of my colleagues are chinese and Indians...

    Cik PMS,

    the old blog shut down already, time for something new...




    hehe... so you know how its like right. i grabbed someones balls once when i was in the midst of looking for my cellphone... Haha...


    selamat datang ke blog saya.saya juga sama teruja seperti saudara. selalulah berkunjung ke laman web saya ini dan sambil itu suarakanla komen - komen yang membangun..

    yikes.. *Cringing*


    we are not dissin'. we are attempting to improve our skills in speaking it... so no more hints that we are own-language haters k???

    heh :)..