Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sunday entry!

It seemed like every week, some new drama cropped up.

And I played the role of the rescuing best friend yet again. This time in staging an act, being a prop.

And yes, this one is also a relationship problem thingie, which I am not going to elaborate more on. Us independent women has a lot of issues, sometimes it could get tiresome. I could only be there for my friends and in no position whatsoever to judge or pass my conclusions nor advice to them. Afterall, they make more than RM 3000 a month and pay for their own bills, surely they could come up with something to sustain their sanity. Even an overworked underpaid coolie like me knows how to.

My weekends were a good one. Got a lot of things done and met with some friends I haven’t been meeting up with over, coke, JD, beer and water. Plus I have successfully deafen my ears with rock music approved by the whole entire Harley crew. And welly welly, I never knew Asians could Jamaican rap before yesterday… us Asians are pretty good at simulating other people’s lingos la I discovered.

My best friend, Anna is organizing a trip to Bangkok with a few of my other good friends. We decided on a month last night, which will be right after Raya. A friend has already been entrusted with the duty of ‘procuring’ good seats on flight to Thailand. As for myself, I would just have to concentrate on ‘kumpul duit’ for the shopping spree. It will be fun, I know that.

Babes, I don’t have a lot of friends here but I do know that I have found the best in you guys!!!


  1. wah wahh nak ke Bangkok kah cool cool. i'd been there backpacking back in 2001 . heh i do miss the old good times, the time where life was much easier :) have fun!!

  2. Sawadeekap!

    Saya pun mau souvenirs from Bangkok yea... boleh kirim thai silk? duit nya bisa diatur seh.... bukan kirim dgn air liur jer ok?


  3. Lilith..

    ha'ah.. nak borong cheap two piece bikinis... hehehe...



    bleeeehhhhhhh... bagi duit, i sponsor half... advance besday present bleh??? hehehe...