Monday, July 2, 2007

Singgahporah 2007

I was in the land where ‘everyone who is anyone carries an original Gucci tote’. Its like, Gucci has a stall in your weekly Pasar Malam kat Kampung Melayu, like that – lah.

Not to forget the Makcik who was actually using a PDA. I was suddenly ashamed. Hers was so much more ‘latest’ than mine, and I found myself wishing that noone would suddenly call me so that I don’t have to get my beat up PDA out of my hobo.

I was not exactly there in MRT lala land for the GSS. Much rather to meet up with a couple of very good friends of mine. I didn’t manage to see them during their last trip to SG so I decided, what the hell…

Do you know that Singaporeans are slowpokes like us Malaysians? I am referring to the orang gomen here… same style, like there was so many people who wants to go in, and there were only like less than 5 counters open?

I thought Singaporeans are efficient… ceh… I should know better… dealing with those problematic and rude nationals are like, my everyday drama. Muak already… keep making me want to do the Merlion and puke my breakfast out… if I do take any… which I don’t.

Anyway, back to the GSS, I was bent on buying two things, perfume and a big bag. I ended up buying first a cheap shower gel and small handy perfume from M&S at Wheelock. The pair of shoes were totally unintentional as my flats were giving me an enormous amount of pain and I needed another pair, which I regretted the day after upon finding out that Ipanema was on sale at Royal Sporting House!

After going around several perfume counters in maybe 7 malls on Orchard, I ended up buying DKNY Be Delicious in Tangs, only because it came with a nice velvety black tote with a small gold metal piece that has the initials DKNY on ‘em… which was not offered in Atria, nor Galleria, nor any other mall that we went to but I don’t have any idea which… so there you have it, shopping done in a day. Coach? Maybe next year, when I terlebih mampu.

I don’t have much of a budget you see, because of Wiwa, so… that’s why my total spending was only about SGD 200. I think I want to ask for a boring deskjob answering calls and get paid SGD 1800 a month. Boleh beli Beg Gucci every month, like beli bawang kat Supermarket Q&Q kat Uda.

And plus I got to know this cutie, who I swear look like Dora the Explorer on Nickelodeon. (oor is it Playhouse Disney… what? Sarcy likes cartoons), and her baby sister Mia was so adorable, you just want to carry her and pretend that she is your baby…

Dora... eh... Maya with her Dinosoaaaarrr!

Wait, I did that, actually all of us did. Pushing the pram, taking turns in holding the baby and cooing as if Mia actually understands and all that.

Okeh… it was tiring… and Lene, I salute la!

Our dinner was Ayam Penyet, or crushed chicken at Far East. The sambal was so hot that even Sarcy was red faced after taking just a few bites of it… and someone got slight diarrhea eating that stuff, tapi, rasanya masih sedap ya? Bisa pergi lagi nggak??

The next day, we went gallivanting around Orchard again, not before having a nice Pancake breakfast which was made by F. Thanks dude.

Pancakes in the morning

Orchard around 12 PM
We came across this;

and I shot a picture of my frizzy haired SPG – like self with ummm… it? (If I refer to it as human, it’ll mean a failure right considering we were not convinced that it was actually a statue… or something like that.)

I respect people who do these things, for the sake of art, surely it can’t be for the few dollars tossed in by impressed passerbys right? All this takes a lot of effort… and I could not even sit still in a facial, let alone sitting still with no reason whatsoever but art!

And we caught Transformers. It sent chills down my spine watching the Autobots and Decepticons brought to life, if Megatron is not nominated for the Best Villain category next year in MTV movie awards, tatau la akak, because he was frikkin’ evil!

And I loved Bumblebee then, I still love him now… it’ll be cool if my Wiwa could talk to me.

But nevertheless, I felt a bit cheated. We paid SGD 9.50 for the movie, which we caught in Shaw House… and the theatre was so retro that it actually reminded me of my first cinema experience when I was a chaperone for my Auntie and Uncle who was dating at that time, watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Remind me not to catch a movie at SG again. At RM 19 per pop, we Malaysians could watch two movies at one go and in better theatres too!

But, all that aside, I had a great weekend and to everyone, especially the ‘tuan rumah’ CK, F and Y, thanks a lot for your hospitality.

And to you two wackos, you know who you are, of course I will give you a buzz whenever I turun.. eh... naik KL, like kewajiban la pulak kan?

Singgahporah 2007 was wonderful, maybe we could do Singgahporah 2008 pulak if panjang umur??


  1. Di manakah gambar2 kita tu babe?

    Hehe.. i ada wallet baru! He he..

    Tiffany and Celine, our next trip!

  2. "The pair of shoes were totally unintentional"...hehe! ye ke??

  3. Cant wait to watch Transformers tonight!! But RM19 for movie tix?? Masa2 nilah i bersyukur jadik rakyat Mesia...heheehe..but when I think abt our very low pay I teringin plak nak jadik receptionist kat Singaporah!

  4. was supposed to go there too last weekend,but ade kenduri la pulak...*sighs*

  5. i was conceived in singaporah. heh.

  6. Sheryl,

    gambo2 kita telah di di cuci dan di frem. ada di atas gerobok bilik saya...


    Ms. D, chet.. betul laaa... contrary to what other people think of my excessive adoration towards shoes, i CAN control it...

  7. Cosmic,

    i want to go and watch transformers again and again. okay, so i am a self confessed geek, WHICH IS OKAY CAUSE GEEKS ARE COOL...

    mahal gile kan?? like bodoh like that.

    sheryl again,

    yah lor, memang wacko... sampai Tangs nampak Benefit counter tak toleh kiri kanan ko eh?

  8. tiena,

    laa ye ke?? kalau tak boleh kita berjompa... dah lama tak jumpa u kan???


    waaa got singaporean blood la ni???

  9. *jengjengjeng*

    matikeras empat poin kosong!