Friday, July 6, 2007

Fliday kena tag!

I owe two people a tag, first, was the hardest tag I have ever done! Kak Intan Suraya, here’s my take. Hope this is good enough by your copywriter standards eh?

Rasa Ku yang Tinggal Mati

Andy loooked at Bad. He was standing there with his hands on his waist.

Andy knew about the break up from Delilah. It didn’t come easy for her too. It’s easy to make assumptions that Bad doesn’t care about the whole thing, but the short conversation that he had with him a minute ago confirmed that he was just trying to go on with his life.

How long can you live with a broken heart? How long can you bear the pain of love lost?

Forever was not an option, nor was a year.

“Yeah. I’ll change.”

He smiled and watched as Andy walked into his room. There was a knock on the door and Ben stuck his head in.

“Dude, you are a mess. Anyhow, ready to party?”

The Chamber was one of those places you go to if you want to be downright crazy. And tonight it’d be crazier because Tenacious D is crazy.

He looked around, looking for familiar faces. There was a group of people who always sat at the same table night after night. They usually came clad in office wear, weary executives in need of a temporary exit from their corporate hell.

But today, they wore anything but monotonous suits. Tenacious D was indeed an occasion. And there was a new face among them. A woman with raven black hair.

He noticed these things eversince things had been on the rocks for both him and Delilah. He would hang out, sometime alone, having his fill of beer and nuts at the bar, just trying to forget.

“Dude, this like, rawks right?” Ben smiled, handing him a bottle of Bud.

He thought, maybe I should stop drinking, but he took it anyway.

He glimpsed to the table he has been observing for the past one month. For a moment there he thought the raven haired woman was looking at him. From this light, she looks attractive, and somewhat familiar.

“Come on Man! Screw everything. Just have fun! Life is too short so don’t mope man… enjoy.” Ben said. He raised his bottle at him.

Yeah, screw everything. He took a large sip. And the curtain opened.

And then he saw her, he saw Del walking in. He saw Del walking in with someone else. and he saw Del seemingly stumped when she saw him. She looked awkward, she turned away before turning to the guy, smiling, somewhat still knowing that he was still looking at him.

‘Fuck!’ he thought.

The crowd was chanting, Jack Black was at the mic, cheering the crowd, the club full of anticipation, he was filled with shock, and possibly remorse or maybe regret, but he didn’t know which came first.

He felt someone touching his shoulders.

‘Not now.’ he screamed in his head, his eyes were still on Del.

He had to turn, and it was the raven haired woman, smiling. She looked better up close.

“Bad? Is it really you???”


And I pass the baton on to … (Drum roll pleaseee…) Minah Sepet aka Diamond Baby because I trust you could lend a little quirkiness to the story??? The rules are simple;

1. You must not finish the story. You can tag more than 1 blogger to continue the story.
2. There is no theme to the story.
3. It doesn't have to be a tragic love story.Sixty can decide later who should end the story :-)


Now, Sheryl has given me another tag to do, this time for charity. For each meme done, a total of RM 127 will be contributed to Darul Izzah Orphanage, Bangi. The tag was started by Idham and passed over to fellow bloggers.

1) A person is only as good as… his words.

2) Friendship is always … hard to be sure of.

3) To love is to … accept.

4) Money makes me … have an orgasmic spasm.

5) I miss … My old bitchy self.

6) My way of saying I care is by ... doing something special without an occasion.

7) I try to spread love and happiness by … smiling to strangers.

8) Pick the flowers when … I want to wear it in my hair.

9) To love someone is to … accommodate her / him into my life.

10) Beauty is … not stereotype.

11) When I was thirteen, what i remember the most was … having a crush on a guy called Khairul who sat in front of me.

12) When i was twenty one, I remember … being hopelessly in lust.

13) I am most happy when … I am out there with my camera taking pictures without a care in the world.

14) Nothing makes me happier when… someone makes the effort to make me laugh.

15) If i can change one thing, i will change … for now, it would be the shallow mindset of Malays. :P

16) If smiles were … thrown at me, then I … would smile back?

17) Wouldn't it be nice if we could … stop judging people?

18) If you want to french me… then you will have to be my partner for life

19) Money is not everything but … it makes the world go round

20) The most touching moments I have experienced is … when a good friend of mine took a flight down just to be with me during my hard times.

21) I smile when … I listen to the Dan & Young show.

22) When i am happy, I … infect other people with my happiness.

23) If only i don't have to … pay the monthly bills, then maybe I would have more money for shoes (Heck, a girl could wish)

24) The best thing i did yesterday was … watching Judging Amy, Swooning over Adrian Pasdar.

25) If i ever write a book, i will give it this title … I, Malaysian not Malay.

26) One thing i must do before i die is … to travel the world

27) Doing the meme, i feel like ... I really don’t know how I would answer if people ask me these questions and expect an answer in less than 10 seconds.

Since this is for Charity, I am tagging anyone who wants to do this… almaklumlah, benda yang baik ni, sebor –seborkan. Hehehe…

Friday’s here, me Roger and Ouuut!!!


  1. Dan & Young of the morning show ke? Young's a new guy eh? *mish my dan the man* :p

  2. Hi tiena bebeh..

    Dan & young of the evening show. they are hilarious. skang morning show is deejayed by Vernon & Justin Ang, who are equally funny, dry and entertaining. they call themselves muttons in the morning.

    i have met Dan personally and i think, besides being the cutest Chinese dude ever, he was also friendly and i was delighted to have had the chance of talking to him.. :)

  3. Fuyyooooo.. Dan and Young!

    How i mish listening to s'pore radio station! I mish S'pore! I mish S'pore!

    Babe, thanks for doing the tag!

    Luv yah!

  4. Meme? Me? Did I tell you that I’m suffering from temporary amnesia and got funny tingling to my hands that may prevent me from writing? No? Don’t believe me? Damn…:D

  5. hehe.. Sheryl...

    funny la you. what to miss about Singapore.. the people suck!

    i only go there for the branded items. sure they do a lot of things better than us, but i think Malaysia still ranks better in courtesy. :P

  6. Ms. D,

    takde. buat jugak..i don believe u... hehehehe.. kan temporary jee the amnesia...