Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Halo Adik Manis apa nama???

My friend got picked up on during our lunch break yesterday.

The dude just came over, mumbled something in Tamil and dropped a piece of paper on the table written ‘K. Anderson 016-7xxxxxx’.

My friend was shocked in a blank baffled way, I originally thought the guy came over to pick up the dishes on our table.

Needless to say, I laughed out loud at the whole thing and my friend said she should have told the guy that she was married! But then again, he came as fast as he left.

This got me thinking… the thing about local men is that it seemed that they are really, what’s the word… clueless in the art of approaching women. Realistically speaking, who in the right mind would even call up a number dropped to by someone who didn’t make any kind of eye contact and left hastily after dropping his number?

Smooth. Real smooth, and then you wonder why local women prefer to date expatriates.

I have never been impressed by local men who have attempted to pick me up. They were either too nonchalant or just plain brainless. Afterall, what am I to answer a ‘slick’ “Sorang je ke?” with when it was so obvious that I have been sitting at the frikkin’ seat for the past hour not acting like I am expecting anyone?

I guess I could give a tip. Every woman is subjective, but if the woman you are approaching is somewhat like me (wearing high heels about 3 and a half inches, black skirt, work shirt, bored and tired expression having her cuppa at a ‘kopi mahal’ outlet reading a Lahiri book on a Wednesday evening.) Then I would only entertain people who actually intrigued me to a conversation. Maybe, something meaningless like the weather or just that I am holding an interesting book, even though you have never heard of the author before. That ‘might’ work, though not a sure shot la. I am a sucker for spontaneous intelligent approaches.

In case you are wondering, I will not personally entertain to the ‘drop me a call sometime’ note technique. Afterall, what would a straightforward person like me have in common with someone who writes his number and walk away crossing his fingers that I would actually call?

But in the end, it boils down to first impressions. ‘K. Anderson’ was barely noticeable and by leaving in a hurry yesterday, he was forgettable, all I could see was his hands and the back of his head as he ran towards his car. Plus, he shouldn’t mumble, and my friend was actually a Punjabi, so she knows very little Tamil.

So an advice to all single Malaysian men, you guys are cute, but I guess we were hoping you have the brains to match that. Malaysia boleh!

PS – I love these men…

Go here… drool fest ..big deal... :P~


  1. Are you getting any hatemail yet? :-P

  2. aiya... if shy like this, kena tembak. if slick and smooth, kena panggil player la.. pengote la...lidah tak bertulang la..

    just admit it, gals like expats for the USD/GBP/EURO ... :P

    *waits for hatemail*

  3. pugs,

    not yet.. :P


    u think K.Anderson was being shy?? dont you think it was just plain idotiic to drop your no, mumbled and run??? there is a difference between a playa pengote and a genuine pengote (In general all men are pengotes), you guys are just bad at striking the balance la... :P

    jangan marah eh.. i belanja Chilli's come August because poket a bit lebar next month... :D

  4. poket lebarrr? woohooo..I nak buat muha seposen and angkat tangan and say..NAK IKUT GAK *blink blink*

  5. that's because we men live in the moment yo! all or nothing! take no prisoners! squeeze every bit from life! carpe diem!

    you get the picture.

    hmm.. august is just a few days away, ya know? :P

  6. that tamil fella does not represent the single malaysian men society, if he is part of the entity, if it exists that is, his membership is terminated :P

  7. "Sorang aje ke?"

    My usual answer would be,
    "Eh, tak.... 5 orang. Tak nampak ke sebelah2 saya ni?"

    He will either just laugh (if he gets the joke) or give a weird look (if he thinks I'm a psycho or something).

  8. MsD,

    siapakah kamu, apa kamu buat disini eh??

    hehe... joking laaa... caaaaaannnn...u my freennnnn maaa!


    Carpe Diem konon. Carpe diem got result, this crape diem no result wan.

    yes i know Aug is a few days away jeee

  9. TheWailer,

    okeh.. but he does represent a pengote right?? enough said.. hehe...


    thats actually kind of you, i would just look at the dude with one brow lifted... sampai mamat tu tersipu2 malu.. i am just mean like that...

  10. everything changes eventually
    - including the art of 'mengorat'

    hence, for instance..
    if the guy is the type that not-so-exposed
    to new 'expectation and desire'
    of the more sophisticated gal
    then, the match would certainly miss

    i'll give Mr. K.Anderson
    an 'A' for having the guts to try
    an 'F' for the method
    a 'C' just for encouragement..
    to keep on CUBA lagi..

    in short..
    one particular 'charming trick'
    that worked for other girl before
    might not work (again) to the other lady

    good luck guys !
    it's tough.. i know..
    been there

  11. Katak,

    been there eh?? so dah off the market laa... hehehe

  12. hahahh..kelakar aaa
    i was in that situation few times, antara lame pick up line adalah:

    "hai adik, sorang ke?"
    "ehh muka familiarlah bule mintak fon no?"

    tah ape2 tah..huhuh

    sorry to say this guys, u guys should learn the art of flirting with those white guyslaa..

    alamak sure dpt hate emails japgi..lariiiiiiii :P

  13. yupp.. been there
    but never done those (stupid) things

    on the 'learn from the white guys' thingy
    of course and no doubt
    these species of males are 'better' in their art of mengorat
    in general, they have to for survival
    - since they need to get laid every week,
    hence their 'skills' need to be improved as frequent as well