Sunday, July 22, 2007

Do you and do I?

Before I start, this came in my inbox this morning;

“…Dear Sir

We are interesting in your online services for ordering for our company ABC (Singapore) Pte Ltd…”

Hehe… pagi- pagi dah buat lawak.


My weekend was, interesting (No relation to the above whatsoever).

Between realizing that I have done one heck of a big mistake (Personal story, no need for elaboration) and that I am an emotional blackout, I think, everything went on pretty, well.

It’s ridiculous how excited I was when I received a phone call from someone. This is the someone I could be myself with, somehow, I still harbor an impossible affection towards him. I like his smell, I like nice smelling men. I like talking to him, he makes sense and he listens to me, nothing could be more of a turn on than that.

He was the mistake I would like to rewind and pause. Me sabotaging the thing that we had? That’s old news. But don’t worry, I know how to contain myself.

Aaah… being one half of a couple, I miss that. I miss having to call that person whenever I finish work, JUST to tell him I finished work, the late night rendezvous, the fleeting kisses, the holding hands, the being called whenever he misses me, and the heady feeling of content just from being there with each other.

I may be an emotional icebox, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have affection and therefore not allowed bits of nostalgia. I am human, am I not? I do cry watching much ado about nothing on Hallmark, heck, I even went teary eyed when Bumblebee was detained by primitive violent humans. (Yes I have seen Transformers thrice, I am a geek.)

So yeah, my weekend was interesting, it was nice to hang out with the man who smells nice at a McDonalds 24 hour outlet at 12.30 AM and being able to drive him home, instead of him driving me back like usual.

Some things change for the better, some things for the worst, and some, they just don’t change. Reality sucks, what you gonna do about that ay?


  1. I didn't realize tears streaming down my cheek when the human captured Bumblebee. Tsk tsk tsk.
    I want to watch Transformers again... and again... and again....

    The person who wrote that 'interesting' email should have a copy of 'What Not To Write' book on his table. Available at Borders. hehehehe.

  2. dahlink, you're ok? *hugs for you*
    you decide what you want to change in your life 'kay? even if it means taking a chance in love again!

  3. Dnas,

    yeah transformers rawks eh?? i totally love the movie, though when those bulky robots fight, it all looked like a big blur...


    i am okay, as for the taking chance bit.. dunno la...