Sunday, July 29, 2007

Baby Got BACK!

Last Friday, I and a few of my good office mates had a game.

The winner will get a Chocolate Fudge cake from Secret Recipe.

We had to guess who in the office had the flattest butt. Since my butt is so many times removed from being flat, I am not in the nominees’ list, obviously, it wasn’t me.

This morning, the perpetrator (Not me) announced that there’ll be cakes for everyone, not just the winner. So we are going to gag ourselves with pastry tomorrow during lunch.

The butt subject cropped up when a colleague forwarded an MPEG clip of Inul’s infamous ‘Goyang Gerudi’. I was baffled, honestly, of how she could even do that while singing, but in the ‘DangDut’ world, ‘apa – apa saja bisa sih.’

On the subject of our tooshie, I was only enlightened of how difficult it was to maintain a desirable behind when I joined the gym, two years ago. The lunges are not exactly the easiest thing to do, and to ‘clench’ them cheeks required vast amount of focus.

My butt has always been the epicenter of Sarclover. The first thing that my exes (most of them) noticed had been my ass and only a handful of them noticed my ‘sweet smile’ before my ass.

My butt was one of the reasons why they were attracted to me. (Other physical reasons would be my ‘steamy – come – to – bed’ eyes, my hair and my ‘smile’… whatever la.)

What can I say, men will be men.

Having a good, noticeable pair of bon-bons are both advantageous and also, troublesome. The bonus is that, we look good in skirts, we know how to shake it when we have to (Read; on the dance floor to Ricky Martin’s very appropriate ‘Shake your bon-bons’ song’) especially to any hot pumping Latina tracks and we could make the ‘jantans’ drool with something that they could only see but never touch.

The downside of it is that we always give out the wrong signs. Look, just because we have an ass doesn’t mean that we fancy doing the doggy with you (Lain la if ‘you’ happen to be George frikkin’ Clooney!) and speaking of personal experiences, being publicly touched by perverts on the toosh is also one of the problems we have to face.

The last perve who touched my ass had a rude shock when I went over to him and slapped him silly telling him, ‘Tak belajo eh? Bodoh! *Shows middle finger and walked off*’. Of course I was with a Jantan friend who has the size of your average bodybuilder.

And thanks to a flat ass colleague, we are going to have our cake and eat it too!

PS-I so need to hit the treadmill and work those choco off…


  1. hey honey, i would rather a 'mountaineous' ass than a flat butt! google Kim Kardashian, known also ass Kim KardASShian and you'll get the picture.

    jalan ada gelek gelek sikit. does it for the boys everytime

  2. I call my arse Banana Republic. Not fondly either. Aaack..bloody mother nature.

  3. Your piece made me smile. So cute and witty.

  4. hahahha...i like this post, kelakarnyaaa, me also have big ass and true, sometimes it does attracted the perve but i never had guts like u, power2 siap bg penampar..there u go, bravo :) hehe

  5. notes to all babes with phat ass:

    If u've got it,FLAUNT it!;)

  6. MsJ,

    when you have the goods, the geleks come naturally :)


    Hehehe... i called mine Tooshland.. not original but hey it is a whole country!!!

  7. Juan,

    Glad it did... :D


    i was with a Jantan friend dear, kalau tak u think???

  8. Tiena,

    memang flaunt sentiasa noks!