Monday, June 11, 2007

There is something about Sarcy

The last baby, as in an infant, I held, was my cousin, Yasmin.

She was crying even with her mother, and was passed over to everyone in the chaotic house when my turn finally came.

I held her, awkwardly, and almost immediately, she stopped crying, her round eyes were looking at me and she was err… smiling… I think … if not secretly pooping out her diapers.

“Eh… go quiet already. Ah… so you hold on to her la. I need to do something in the kitchen.”

I had a feeling that Yasmin was somehow snickering,

“It’s just you and me kiddo!”


Both my hands occupied and my heart full of prayers that the kid will not throw up on me, I walked to the living room. Already, Yasmin was nodding to sleep.

“Oh… training eh? Like this it’ll be easy la on you when you have one.” My uncle told me.


I don’t know what is it with me and babies. While people told me that I look fierce most of the time, babies just found me… ummm what’s the word… endearing?

Once a plump Chinese baby was seated next to our table in a Mamak. He was the ‘roundest’ baby I have ever seen. The slit eyes were almost covered by his cheeks. Looking at him reminded me of the Marshmallow looking Michelin mascot.

He was extremely fond of me. He was smiling, and chuckling and gurgling at me. I thought it must be the boobs. The boy is getting ready to make full use of his God – given hormones.

My Mum however said, he must have just, liked me. She said there must be something in my face that was just, attractive or infant friendly. Babies could see things we are not able to see sometimes. They make you feel all mushy inside and they definitely turn women on.

Ya meh? I went.

So back to me and Yasmin. I took care of her for the rest of the day, I fed her, I rocked her to sleep, I carry her around with me, even took her for a ride. All because whenever I tried to pass her over to someone else, she would start to squeal and cry her lungs out.

Note ; she has got pretty powerful Celine Dion like lungs.

Yasmin did throw up on my MNG shirt, she did soil her diapers, and I remembered myself trying to figure out the frikkin’ diapers, attempting at first to put the butt part in front.

I found out that I not only appeal to babies, but even to toddlers. This is because when my little cousin, Yash, who was Yasmin’s brother, arrive at the house, he couldn’t resist but to give me one huge slobbery noisy kiss on my cheeks.

So there you have it, Sarcy is a bastard magnet and she also appeals to babies and toddlers alike.

Why must I be so complicated?


  1. May I angkat bakul now and say I have that same 'silencing' effect on babies sometimes too? Mothers would say 'eh, macam dah biasa pulak' or 'ada bakat la'. Kids tend to 'climb' me sooner than I could say 'cut it out'; and it's so hard to tell them off, especially in front of their parents. Sometimes parents buat bodo je bila anak buat nakal kat orang tua.

    Ah, dah berat rasanya bakul saya ni. Ma'kaseh...

  2. Can I count you as my future baby sitter if I were to go down to JB?...hehe

    Innocent children don't tell lies...they know sincerity when they see one :)

  3. i dun like ugly kids.i only like those less than 5 y.o gals pls.;p

  4. hmmmm i guess ur motherly instinct already triggered ehh, :P

  5. i have no calming effect whatsoever. i am the antithesis of lavender.

  6. Agus,

    woohoo... got gang already. my cousins dont climb over me, they came over to me and asked if i am my bros girlfriend? and i 'd be like whoaa??

    *Sarcy masuk balik dalam bakul*

    Cik Berlian,

    umm.. can i pass? kids make me nervous. hehehe...

    i do truly hope it was my sincerity that shines through and not the fact that i am a vulnerable person to be bullied by kids that made the cut.

  7. Waffles,

    i love lavender? does this mean you dont smell like one?

  8. tiena,

    uuuuuuu... little girl hater. nanti kalau dapat baby pompuan like how la??


    Maternal insticnt? kena bully dengan budak kecik you panggil maternal instincts ka?

  9. SHERYL,

    i dont know if i like or not.. in limbo.. hehehe