Monday, June 18, 2007

My take on break ups with S

I chatted with a friend who has just recently broken up with her boyfriend of 1 year and a half.

Her dam was down when she called me on my fixed line afterwards. It was about 11.30 PM. I was woozy and in need of sleep. The day was absolutely hectic. My only joy on a Monday night was to catch Judging Amy and swoon over Adrian Pasdar.

Hello, Akak single ok?

S : It has been a week.

Me : Okay, do you want me to baby you or just be brutally honest with you?

S : A little bit of both?

Me : Okaaay… Sure he didn’t mean it. and you know what, I am sure that he doesn’t mean it if another woman is on that couch you used to be on with him right now as we speak.

S : That’s… cold.

Me : Guys are like that. They don’t weep over a failed relationship. They go out, snag the nearest pussy in the vicinity and then life goes on for them. Why should you ‘grief’ over this? They are so totally not worth all your tears.

No, I am not a misandrist, in case you are wondering.

It’s a fact of life. I have experienced it first hand, why should it be any different for anybody else. Hell, if I am wrong, tell me so. It’s no biggie. It’s life.

They said women tend to rush into relationships, actually, guys are the ones who prefer to use a Smart Tag to relationships. A guy approached a woman, told her that she has got a nice smile, oozes with confidence and that she has got the nicest hair he has ever seen, and POW they are in a relationship.

All this, despite the fact that he had just got out of a year long relationship with another woman who also had a nice smile, oozed with confidence and also had the nicest hair he has ever seen.

Come on now, all of this is getting a wee bit too stale.

As for women, we always wanted to make sure that this time it would be different. No more late night fights just because we are not able to spend the night over at his crib, no more feeling as if we are under appreciated, no more feeling inadequate. THIS bloody TIME, IT WOULD BE bloody DIFFERENT!

It would be different, in another heart breaking, nerve wrecking disappointing way.

So far, the only one (after Trey) who really adored me was my ex who lied to me about his whole life. He made that trip from KL to JB at least twice a month and sent me flowers even though we were 300+ KM apart. He was also the only one who would call me just in case he would be stuck somewhere without a line reception for hours so that I will not worry if I was unable to reach him.

And he was a frikkin’ liar who was still married with two kids!

What is wrong with that picture ay?

Let’s be honest, when a woman rolls her eyes at the mention of a man sending over a bouquet of roses, it doesn’t mean that the woman actually loathes the whole thing. We are just too tough too admit that we do get jelly knees and gushes red when a man does something like that. Admitting to something like that in this day and age could sound, well, not independent.

Any toughie would melt.

But that is not the point of my entry (Sorry detoured a bit there.)

So my message to S, get over it, you could cry, but make it a one time thing. There’s a whole new big world to explore out there. If you need a friend, call me up, I’ll make that trip to wherever you are at, and I will remind you of the things that you have left behind.

My message to men, be a dear, and prove us cynics wrong. I know I am looking forward to it.


  1. Agree with you 800%!
    Life is too short and precious to be spent crying over a guy. He's just another guy!
    Cry your hearts out for a few days, then wake up, get dressed, go out and have a life.
    It is actually quite easy once you learn how to let it go - fast!

  2. Yup, she should talk to people like you more often to bring up her confident level again..

  3. it is most unfortunate that the good ones are already married, i'm afraid.

  4. i have no reason to disagree with you lar..rase macam bace cleo la pulak.. ;)

  5. totally.

    love my current status to the max. :-P

  6. Dnas,

    yes. life is too short to be spent moping.

    but they always told me that life is too short to be spent alone..


    Cek Berlian,

    i dont see what the big deal is. i hate that guy, he takes her for granted, i have never told her la kan.

  7. 9,

    or gays, or just not interested.. most unfortunate indeed.


    Cleo? hahaha... funny you should say that because i think the articles in there are just really, cheesy?


    hehe... i love it too buut not when i am alone at night on the bed...