Monday, June 25, 2007


This happened during the weekend...

Haha… freaked you out eh? It was not my ceremony. It was my cousin’s engagement function.

It was all dandy and all and I arrived at my cousin’s house an hour earlier as we were supposed to convoy out from his place to the bride’s home in Tmn. Molek. I was not driving so I had not many obligations for that day.

Until, my Auntie asked me to be the official photographer for the day. Then I went eh?

You see, for my last cousin’s engagement, I offered myself to be her photographer, seeing that I, most of the time, whenever I could, take good pictures. So, naturally, the person who carries the digital camera to almost everywhere she goes should shoot for the day.

How can I refuse? My hectic schedule lately had prevented me from gallivanting outdoors in search of interesting objects and events to shoot, so I gladly took on the responsibility.

Of course, I got at least 10 people asking me “Ko pulak bila laie A**? Yang lain semua dah buat dah?”

Oii… making a decision on who to wake up next to for the next eternity is like eating Kuih Apam free is it?

Straying away from the ‘soklan cepu emas’, I observed that when a single buffet line is set up for about 50 starving women and to about the same number of equally starving men separately, women takes to it like chicken at breakfast whilst men prefer to take their own sweet time like cows chewing grass on a field.

By the way, I never got to taste the ‘bubur pulut hitam’ which happened to be one of my favorite traditional dessert. I literally had to fight off a makcik in front of me for a piece of chicken and I was functioning as the chicken vending machine to my Mum and my Aunties who was lining up behind me because they were not able to reach the chicken tray.

We were horrified as our family culture had always been to serve the guests personally rather than setting up a buffet table. But they said ‘sekarang moden apa. Dah tak main dah hidang – hidang ni.’

Anyways, it was fun when a kid said ‘Tepilah! Auntie Amik Gambo nak lalu.’

Anyhow… that’s akak and not auntie to you eh squirt.

Waiting for the green light to enter the foyer. The ceremony was held at the foyer of the flat unit. It was said that people from two blocks came. No wonder belah lelaki (the groom's side) had to scramble for food

The elders looking at the Hantaran. One of them was sleeping

Presenting the Engagement ring and the token gold ring and bracelet to the father of the bride
Actually I intended to post more pictures but it was raining and I got sleepy... so I will 'sambung' tonight.


  1. Hehe, for a moment there I thought you jumped in the 'go green (eyes)' bandwagon.

    How is green'go doing anyway?

  2. kenapa the comparison tu kena dengan kuih apam free?

  3. tot u bit the dust already... hehe..

  4. yelah, buat terperanjat org je pagi-pagi...aish!

  5. i thought u got engaged with that MrGreenEyes, :P

    Tokojot den, hihiihihih:D

  6. hahha i oso tot it was u who got engaged.:p

  7. Agus,

    eh? i only talked to the man for 2 hours la dude... and the answer is i dont know, still alive i hope.


    my atuk always get free kuih apam every sunday during pasar Malam (which is right in front of the house). so it's like that easy to have nice fluffy FREE apams.

    hence, the comparison... hehe..

  8. Des,

    me bite the dust? you think when i bite the dust i will not tell you guys ka?? that will never happen dude... you guys would prolly be one of the first ones to know.

    Cik Berlian,

    relax, have an apam.


    uik? baru jumpa last saturday dah nak bertunang? far fetched nyee laaa...

  9. Freaky and Tiena,

    akak still single and mingle... wonder if there are any takers out there eh?

  10. hey, tgh online ke?

  11. what's the different it makes with akak and makcik?

    hehehe.. both address older people kan?

  12. i like bubur pulut hitam too...

  13. hurm .. I know what A** stands for.


  14. soalan cepu emas itu amat menyakitkan telinga ok!!

  15. tENNO,

    u apa tau? hehe.


    yang, saya online ke? setahu saya tidak.. hahaha..


    Bubur pulut hitam sedap, i like the non - santan one... because i fifnd if they put the santan then it'll be too thick and then cepat muak.

  16. Abby,

    of kos, u are my adik (as in younger adik la kan...)


    yelahh.. you buat the doggy yoga pose je kat diornag macam tuh.. hehehe