Monday, June 4, 2007

Being Weekenders!

Last weekend was a lot of thing for me.

It was fun, intoxicating, exciting and tiring, painful even.

I discovered that the best cure for the worst hang over I had in years was to puke my guts out. Thanks to that, I sprained my ankle, there goes my Yoga and Jogging plans then.

Oh well…

Friday Night (not 'Hari Khamis Malam Jumaat)

Anna's Birthday at a place that I have never been to, Just In Time Cafe, obviously the owner is a fan of MU.... so no Liverpool talk on the table when he is around.. heh..

My girl Anna blowing her candles, The girl in the background I don't have a clue as to who.

The Ladies Club

Happy Birthday Anna, I hope you will get your 'marry a rich guy and be a tai - tai' wish...

Saturday (Slightly hung, but good to go)

The long overdue family Malacca trip. On that day, made so many detours, I lost count. We finally reached Malacca around 3.00 PM.

Tergolek Cat scene at a Soto stall during breakfast in JB

Part of the Muzium Islam Melaka. I love the buildings there. They have character, they're red and it's great for a photography freak like Moi.

We wasted RM 1 for tickets to visit this museum. 'No Pikches' said the receptionist. Dude... like I want to. My Dad said aloud that the only person that mattered was Dato' Onn.

Hip Becas (Trishaws) passing us by.

My Mum was melting under the harsh sun. My sister was also snapping pictures like mad and my Dad went, Eh... How many stairs up? I went, 'Daddy, Why don't you kira and I will ask you later?'

The one in the bottom is the original staircase.

Above; Tombstones of some dignitaries. One of them had a picture of a skull (think Pirates of Caribbean poster kind of skull), which is loike... cool.

Below; There was a so called and thought to be wishing well in one part of the St Paul hill's remains. people throw coins, and even RM 1 note down and made a wish. I bet you could get all kinds of coins dating back to the 60's in it, if the authorities didn't take it already. This Ah-Pek, he doesn't believe in wishes and crap, he was mumbling all the time that he didn't even realize me standing at the side to take his picture. Just so you know, he was trying to get some of the coins that didn't get into the well. I thought he was saying to himself;

"Ini olang sumua sangiat bodoh. ala lui kasi campak lalam piligi. Baik wa ambik bili makan"

The view from St. Paul's Hill

Below; author controlling her cun in front of the A'Famosa fort. Pink shirt auntie maybe thinking that I am spoiling her picture. Here, everyone spoils everyone's pictures. I am just lucky the 'Auntie baju pink' didn't kick me out of her light.

Below; He aint't heavy, he's my 2 minute brotha. His name is Rocky, and judging from his pose, he rawked!

*Rocky: The broad's totally messed up my good side -la*

Still to come-- My mocha shot, Hip Becas shot and whole lot of other shots!

The Mocha addict gets her Mocha and go Mocha Loco!

The ride to 'Rumah Merah' on the hip beca

Rumah merah
Jonker Street... my favorite stretch of road in Malacca

I found this jewel on Jonker Street itself. I love buildings like this, there is just something that is extremely appealing. It has that classy old home feeling to it... and that, you can't buy.


  1. Malacca... I've always loved the historical city, kinda takes me back to those ancient times. Oh hensemnye ur bro tu. Yg kat atas bahu tu. Ihiks!

  2. i remember going on a school trip back in std 5... tengok all those tombstones.. some of them still had the candle wax on top.. damn cool..

  3. i've been to Melaka countless times (my hubby is from Alor Gajah), but he never brought me to those places. Pelik.

  4. My skin was crawling when i saw that iguana [?]

  5. Oitt!

    Pigi Malacca tarak ajak pun!

  6. coolnyer jln2 ke melaka, i org melaka tp dah lama tk pegi tmpt2 bersejarah tu, i wonder why :P

  7. Mommy,

    next time want to plan a trip there nak?? (Yela tu... beach trip pun tak bleh plan2 laie.. yelah.. kan, orang ada boifren, sapa la saya???)


    isn't he a cutey.. i dont know what's with me and iguanas, i am not a reptile person but i love them!!


    owh.. takdala pulak kan masa i pegi tu, or could be that i was too out of breath to notice.. heheh..

  8. dnas,

    maybe because you didnt ask him to bring you kot?


    iguanas are nice. they are quiet and they don't move around all that much... much better than snakes..

    now that makes my skin sprint, bukan crawl lagi dah.

  9. SHeryl,

    oit!! bila nak pi??? buat la plan... plan kita ni memang sentiasa tak bleh pakai... hehehe...


    ntahla.. rasa2nya kenapa??? hahaha...

  10. hey gals,i can be u ols punye tour guide.i org melaka hokay..:p

  11. Babe,

    I tunggu u marriii key ell dulu boleh? Then we plan togeder geder can?

    Btw, i found a pair of red hot heels!

  12. Tiena,

    set... besides i want to see your new haircut yang abit.. 'askew'.. hehe..


    wokeh.. set..

    dah jumpa tu tak reti nak belikan??? huahuahuaaaaa