Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jangan Pandang Bolakang yo!

*Sarcy’s in the rajin buat blog entry mood*

My Dad bought the ‘Jangan Pandang Belakang’ VCD last night.

Of course, pirated.

But I did go to the movies and paid frikkin’ RM 10 bucks for it. Well, okayla, so I didn’t quite pay for it. (Even the popcorn pun I didn’t pay for.) Because my two dear friends, Kak Neesa and Shah was so hyped about catching the movie, and I am not the one who paid, I said ‘okehla!’.

This better be good, I remembered saying to myself. But I was in a jolly mood, it was our first outing after aeons because we have been busy with work, so just hanging out with them is cool by me.

The beginning was okeh, and then comes the funeral part, and then after the funeral, and then I was a bit disturbed by Seri’s rather aloof and tak kisah attitude despite the fact that her twin sister just died.

The suspense effect is welll… okaylah…

And then came the ghost.

I laughed.

Seriously, I just laughed.

Even though the woman sitting beside me had terrible BO, I laughed.

Do we Malaysians, ALL share the same ‘hantu’ image in our heads? Long unkempt hair, black wart-like face, with talons and clad in white ‘jubah’? And what is all that holding out your fingers to the frightee and acting like, ‘Uuuuuu… be afraid, be VERY afraid?’supposed to mean? Does it mean that the hantu just did its’ manicure?

Reminded me of a friend’s Halloween costume, that stupid ghost. I do feel as if I was transported to the 80’s, before hantus could leap out of the telly. (Wait, I think an instalment of Poltergeist did that. But THAT’S POLTERGEIST. POLTERGEIST’S FREAKIN’ CLASSY – geeky part of me speaking).

The whole concept was cool, I thought. The film’s close to home, and in reality, every Malaysians know that this happened and is still happening in rural areas. How many times have we heard rumors of some Pak Abu or Ali who keeps supernatural entities to either give them riches or to aid them in their work?

But the ghost? THAT ghost?

Come on MAN!!!! It’s like a slap in the face for all Malaysian hantus.

I’ll stick to hantu Jepun, Indon, Thai and Hongky, thank you.

Okehla, this happened a long time ago but the VCD my Dad bought made me… nostalgic? So cut me some slack la eh?

The 'Gila Babi punya menakutkan' Hantu


  1. hahahaha.... i didn't manage to catch the movie. mcm tak berminat lah.. talk about supporting ur own movie industry eh? hehehehe

  2. Aiyo darling, I got confession to make *malu*. I got spook by the story. I'm a real life pondan :(

  3. another sepuluh hinggit wasted for nothing eh?lucky u didnt pay for it.

    go watch waris jari hantu's the ultimate total crap of malaysian hantu.this is based on hearsay tho,but i believe my sources are reliable.;)

  4. Hi.

    I opine that perhaps the FINAS/censorship board guidelines on representation of ethereal figures hinder more creative representation of hantus. I remember reading that in Pontianak HSM, the pontianak has to be depicted in a dreamy sequence or something, else the movie will not be allowed for the consumption of innocent M'sians or *snip, snip.*

  5. *gelak guling-guling* oh yeah the hantu freaked me out alright. my sis n i coulnd't stop laughing at the ghost! n those fingers!! len kali sape nak berlakon jadik hantu jgn buat jari camtu boleh tak? bodo gile siot.

  6. what suspense effect.

    it was the sound effect lah hehehe...

  7. ahahahaa kelaka la engko ni sarcy! i am more takut of your critical movie critic eye than of the malaysian movie hantu.

    balik kl nanti, u jemput lah i tengok 'nang-nak' the most chilling, pee in your pants ghost movie eva in my books!

  8. i'm still traumatised by the black-n-white "pontianak" from my childhood including the soundtrack!

  9. fREAK,

    understood. quality stories are sooo hard to come by, with an exception of Sepet and Gubra which is like my all time favorite... not to mention the old P. Ramlee flicks, although some of it could be really cheesy..


    le.. tak bleh ajak pi tengok scary movie marathon la ni... Me and my friends always do that on weekends, stacks of scary DVDs tapau-ed popcorn from GSC and soft drink (beers on occasion but verrry rare).

  10. Tiena,

    heh? my sister (The more malay one) iye2 je said it's good, just because Maya Karin's innit. just for the record, i think Pontianak Harum Sundal malam tuh takdela best sangat... if the pontianak had to walk from one end of the room to the other, something is wrong somewhere?? i mean like yo, you can fly?

    Hi Mark,

    really??? i have heard about the whole mystical policy thingy going on. it also involves exhibitions in museum right on the hantu dalam botol and what nots... there you have it, Malaysian government acting like we the citizens are not capable of thinking for ourselves.

  11. Mummy,

    you cakap la dengan pelakon tuh. tak salah i nama dia Amy something2 rather. i saw in the credits *gelak guling2 jugak*


    sama la tu

  12. MsJ,

    Agreed about Nang Nak, but i prefer The Shutter and the eye more really. watch it, cool horror flicks.


    the old ones got soundtrack meh?