Thursday, June 21, 2007

Friday Blabbers…

Nostalgia pagi Jum’at

I was updating my PDA phone book (Yes… my PDA yang keep on ‘mati-ing’ on me nowadays.. seriously need to buy a new one, but moollaah tak ada.) and made a few calls to get rid of those numbers no longer in use.

I called a lot of my press friends, got sworn on because I have not been keeping in touch, I gave them lame excuses of how my new job is not giving me that luxury anymore and that I have ... well… kind of … changed somewhat.

“No more booze? Waaahh… tobat eh?”

Ceh. Just because I don’t drink that often doesn’t mean I have repented.

It was nice though to chat with them. They made me reminisce on those high profiled good ol’ days. Rushing out invitations, dress shopping for dinner functions, rubbing shoulders with the State Secretary and one particular performance on stage with one of the press members singing ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’.

It was fun, it occupied me and I didn’t think of anything BUT work those days.

Some of the numbers however, I decided to erase off without calling. Those numbers are numbers I never want to remember.

Ever noticed that we tend to associate the deletion of a particular phone number to erasing that person completely out of our memories when it doesn’t work that way?

Ahhhh…. Pardon my nostalgic mood today eh… Friday maa…

Sarcy’s a package

A girlfriend of mine asked me out for Mocha yesterday. I said yes and she picked me up from my house and we went all the way to Starbucks in Jusco Tebrau for our fix.

I have recently went on a date with someone who was introduced by her (Let’s just call her M) and after exchanging some jaw dropping gosses on our other friends, she asked me if the guy called me at all after the date.

The guy, D did call me. He called me right after he dropped me off at home after the date that day. He thanked me for an insightful night and he bid me good night. To me, it was a courtesy call.

“He likes you. He called me before he went back to KL and said that he had a wonderful time with you. He said, you are a package… hehehe…”

M looked like one of those smileys on YM when she does that. The one with the wide grin, this one --> :D.

“So I Fed Ex ke. DHL ke, UPS? You nak courier me to where?” I joked.

D reminded me a lot of the men I was with, physically, he reminds me of Trey. He was 5ft8, with wavy hair, arched brows, light brown eyes and pink lips. He told me his mother is Irish and his father is from Penang. That further reminds me of Trey.

The way he speaks, however, reminds me of TheDude. He was soft spoken and he speaks his mind. I like that in a man. He was comfortable to be with and he listens.

He listens. What could be more attractive than a man who listens?

“So… does he still call you?” M asked, still grinning like a frikkin’ idiot.

I nodded. Yes he still does.

“I want him as a friend, first. No rushing into this crap anymore. It’s only crap when you rush in. like you know, fools rush in and shit.”

“Don’t la lambat sangat. Nanti orang lain dapat.”

I am old fashioned at heart. I believe in fate, still. If I don’t get him, then there must be a reason. I am over hoping, I am over wishing.

I have grown up even though I still get goose pimples whenever I watch the Transformers trailer.

Wahheyy… let’s have that again!

I had a great dream.

In the dream, George Clooney was so hot for me.

What kind of dream could be better than that??? Okayla, if Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp were also in the dream, then Akak will be orgasmically happy… hahaha…

I am so going to catch Ocean’s 13 this weekend… ihiks…

P/S--> Rubes, Tom ‘Over’ Cruise is sooo not in my book.


  1. I hope that his father is not mamak. Imagine this, a boria with some irish jokes intro. Swell kan?

  2. ytxis,

    nope. he was not Mamak. :)

  3. is the w ready? i need to get some chicken chop later.

  4. will get it this week... lets go and makan chiken chop together gether eh... hehehe

  5. good thing u're cutting on alcohol intake.becuz,to quote sheryl,alcohol dries up ur skin.:p

  6. gives me rash thats about it...