Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday note

In a way, I am positive.

About things.

For one, I am positive that if I am not meeting anyone in this lifetime, then something else will definitely happen to me. Something else will be a substitute to that search of a lifetime for a soulmate (Although I personally do not believe in that concept).

There will be something else.

Besides, I am not conventional enough for the whole husband, baby and married life concept.

But people say never say never because you might just to stick your mouth up your ass if that really does happen.

On another note, congratulations to Celeblogger Ninie Ahmad! She is now pregnant with her first child and I wish her nothing but all the world's happiness.



I bruise like a peach in my adulthood.

When I was a kid, I love playing in the sand, catching tadpoles in the then very clean drains (Parit) near my grandparent's house, climbing trees and 'drifting' on my red BMX.

I did not bruise like a frikkin' peach back then (Duh).

So it is strange when I can't as much as scratch myself now because if I do, I will be having 'hickies' that never happened on my neck.
(Just for the record, I don't understand hickies and why is it enjoyable???)

So I bumped my index finger at the side of a very heavy door last weekend.

The bruise is still there and it's still painful.

I bruise like a peach and it takes twice as long for anything to heal for me now. See all of this is really new to me because I am someone who does not really think of myself as someone who is subjected to all of this.

I am pretty healthy for someone who is going to be in her mid 30's. I am healthier than some of my staff who are in their 20's right now, that's for sure, despite the abnormal sleeping pattern and caffeine intake.

The last time I went to the doctor, I was told that I just need to rest, there's nothing wrong with me but a bit of flu.

I was also diagnosed with a minor case of eczema, which strangely affected only my left ear.

The Scotsman always offered to apply cream on it although I am terrified when he even tried to check it out.

Actually, I am terrified when anyone tried to touch my ear.

A staff asked me for a quick remedy to diarrhea and all I can say was :

"Oh... I don't know, never had one before."

Which made me think that, boy... I am weirdly healthy.

However, I think, it is all in my head, really. If you have a healthy outlook on life (Granted that my self loathing persona is not really that.... healthy), your body will follow what your mind says.

Mind over matter logic. The brain is an extraordinary organ. It can make you feel or think things that you really are not... personifying. Get?

Anyway... Happy weekends everyone. I am going to kick back with a Neil Gaiman book, sipping iced cappuccino at my favorite cafe and check out white men with Asian chicks with very badly dyed blonde highlights. Probably chilling with The Scotsman by the pool after.

Hope your weekend is going to be as spankingly relaxed as mine would be!

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  1. The mouth up your ass posture is possible for you yoga people right?

    I mean.