Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thoughts on a hot day

Something occurred to me while I was driving.

That... life is short... very short (and believe me the android keypad misspelt the word short to 'shit'...)

*pause to digest self error*

So... what have you done really in this very... short life span.

I have successfully lived my life... making a fool of myself 75% of the time. Learned from pure trials and errors, and realized that any different decision making would have meant that my life would have been totally different.

Or that I might even be dead.

What was it that pushes us forward, even in the darkest place in our life... what made us stop and ... I guess recalibrate our steps?

I can only say 1 thing...

It's fear.

We have a fear of dying. Not just the whole dramatic act of dying... or the pain that preceeds it, it's just the fear that we will no longer be a part of the living.

The possibility of us entering the after life, of submitting ourselves to the whole probability of hell... or heaven.... or reincarnation (if you believe that kind of thing.)

Or even of becoming a speck.

It's the fear of not able to be a part of anyone else's lives.

That's what pushes us to LIVE.

And of course you can say love... but then again... the L word is just too overrated.

This is just of course... ladies and gents... a useless trail of thoughts on a hot day.

I am only but a fool... who tries incessantly to make a difference.

So... life is short... it's fueled by fear.... and we should shove fear up our asses and just .... live.... the best we know how.

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  1. I wrote my post 5 days ago and waited until today to put it up.
    And lo I come here to find a similar genre of topic being discussed.
    I don't question the big guy a lot when it comes to these topics.