Thursday, June 7, 2012

Do you want baby?

In all seriousness, having a kid had never been in my agenda.

I am 33, again in all seriousness.

I love playing with my cousins' kids. I adore my nephew, I love fooling around with my best friend's kid too.

But do I want to have kids?

I.... don't know.

Maybe as a woman, I might want to. But as a person, I have my reservations.

I have seen how people change just by being in a relationship. Now... having a kid... is... I guess...

Life changing would be an understatement... no?

I still don't know why people want to have children. You 'grow' them... and then what?

The motive of having kids are different, I got to know.

Westerners have kids because... they just do. Asians breed because they want the kids to live in guilt and never ending gratitude that they were bred. Africans reproduce because... well they can't get condoms.

So... you changed for the sake of a change in your marital status and you changed some more when you have kids... so what happen to 'you' then?

Crude much?

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  1. So you have not found the reason for one.
    And neither have I.
    That's just our preference.

  2. So true! You hit the nail on the head. I am now complied in being a dutiful Asian kid to take care of my parents. Not that it is a bad thing but I do wish my parents were fully prepared for parenthood before being parents.
    I love my life as it is and I want to die in peace without any attachment hence I choose not to have children to disrupt my harmony. Yes you may say it will be a lonely life but a lonely life is better than life where your children may get dumb ass genes.

  3. Marcie;

    Lol! That's exactly what I thought. People keep on changing I will change my mind... but it's unlikely that I would.