Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Now... there's a reason why I don't take pictures of me doing the chakra pose and post it in social networks or here....

I am no Ninie Ahmad. I love yoga but I do know that I pretty much still suck at it.

I still stumble at headstands... although.. my shoulder stand is pretty standard... not perfect, but hey... it looks like a shoulder stand.

And my forward folds... ooh... only behind closed doors.

My lotus, well ... it's more of a lily pad now.

Still have extra flabs to elimknate. Still want to be in peace my self. Still learning to love self and not criticize self too much.

Still learning how to live without being told how.

Maybe one day I will post my yoga moves here... when that day comes... I might be 50% in peace with myself.

Ommm... and moving on dudes.

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  1. And I was clicking on this to download the latest yoga post.

  2. Izchan, hahaha... maybe one of these days. There is no latest pose, we are doing something that has been around for a LONG time. ;)