Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The writer's block Blog

I was alone last Ramadhan, and I am still alone this year.

So much for change, heh.

I am maybe a rebel that has swayed off the whole religion carpet, but heck, as far as fasting is concerned, this one I could do, much better than those so called devoted ones who get oh so excited when they get their menses.

For real.

I could still remember the housemate who yelled in all happiness just because she found out that she just had her menses.

“Aku boleh makan, jangan marah.”

Uh… and she is the one wearing the tudung here acting all goodie two crappy shoes. Heh, like, a joke right?

And then came Terawih, I mean, never mind that I feel so awkward being among the telekung clad women, but weirdly I think I should do it at least once in the whole month, just to kick things off by shocking people that I do know the how to-s of ablution. Heh.

Not to forget the Bazaar Ramadhan mushrooming on every space available in Malaysia. Due to the recent price war between consumers and chicken wholesalers, I am just hoping that I would be able to have my ayam percik and eat it too, without being judged on my level of consumer awareness.

Nevertheless, I like fasting, it’s detox with a dash of spiritual benefits fused together. My one wish is to able to have a full fast, all 30 days of it, but being the ‘bleeding one’, that I’ll have to pass.

So, Selamat Berpuasa all.


Funny things I have been thinking about the past few days.

I don’t like the fact that I am still fraternizing with my exes sometimes. They tend to make me feel important and insignificant at times. Especially when they told me that somehow, they could talk to me like they never could with anyone else, and I would think, if that’s a fact, then why are we exes?

All the time, I would pretend as if I don’t care, but only when I am alone (And hell I hate being alone for this one stupid reason) will I think about how my exes just manage to be fools and bastards effortlessly.

*Throws a wanker*


Vibrating condom, spotted that at a Shell kiosk when I dropped off my Merdeka lucky draw forms (In hope of winning at least RM 5000, what? One could wish right?).

I really want to know how that works. If only the kid at the counter was not smiling at me when I spotted it.

It was in a pink box too.


  1. well then, happy detoxifying month to you too!

  2. I managed to complete the 30 days in year 2000 because I was pregnant then.
    Selamat berpuasa!

  3. Ada eh? nak pegi carik la now. kaler pink lagi tu..

  4. i also wondered about the condoms. got space for batteries, meh?

  5. Wishing you Selamat Berpuasa too. Must remember not to go overboard buying food at Pasar Ramadhan this year.

  6. Selamat beribadah puasa di bulan Ramadhan yang Alhamdulillah, sempat kita temu sekali lagi.

  7. selamat berpuasa ... emmm them condoms got built-in power source good for one use only ;-)

  8. elooo cik sarcy,

    selamat berpuasa jugak! heheh :)

  9. Ms. D,

    likewise to you too


    a friend told me that the novelty of it wears off after some time, so takyah laa

  10. DNAS,

    yeah, i am waiting for my licennce to get impregnated for that one purpose... aside from being tortured by infants.


    hmm... strangely, i rarely let my 'nafsu' go haywire on these things. my only must have is rendang kering from KG MELAYU

  11. dES,

    it is a ring that is to be used with another condom... like freaky like that la...


    but.. i have never seen you before la dood.

  12. LX,

    waaaaa.. used before arr??


    you too dear, you too.