Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's a sick SICK world

(Warning-serious post ahead)

The body in the bag news surely rocked many of us.

Just imagining the torture and suffering the little girl must have gone through being an instrument for that sick perverted bastard is enough to make one sick to the stomach. What kind of pleasure could one derive from subjecting a girl to go through all that abject humiliation, only God knows.

And with that, only God could give the fucked up prick what he deserves.

Lifetime imprisonment is NOT enough. Even the death sentence is not sufficient for a payback in return for the amount of pain he had caused the girl and the parents.

He should be strangled, and then resuscitated, and then strangled, and then resuscitated, AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.

And in Ramadhan, when everybody thought, ‘Syaitan Iblis semua dirantai’, how come one ‘Syaitan’ got loose?

*Author's note; The body was confirmed that of 8 YO Nurin Jazlin today 21/09/07. The body was claimed by her family after Friday prayers. Due to the condition of the body when found, the family did not acknowledge the body as their daughter's yesterday, even though DNA tests confirmed it. Search is still on for the perpetrator.*


  1. Sarcy,

    During Ramadhan, syaitan iblis memang semua dirantai. However, the evil that is within mankind continues to roam free. Hence, mankind cannot blame the devil for atrocities he commits during the holy month.

    Anyhow, i fail to see how such a person derives pleasure by forcing the kid to 'eat' veges the wrong way. Why, his one cannot ah?

    Just my few pence worth.

  2. Mark,

    i know le. i was being cynical.

    same here. i dont see ANYTHING erotic about it, as a matter of fact, i think it is plain disgusting... they are retaking the DNA test again. i just hope her sould could rest in peace after the killer is nabbed...

  3. Hehehe, I know you know le. Just thot I'd mention it. Makes the comment more interesting.

    Yeah, whether she is or she isn't Nurin, may this girl now rest in peace.

    Ok, ciao.

  4. al fatihah to nurin..

    the killer should be 'bobbit'-ed.
    and sula sampai mati.

  5. It suddenly doesn't make sense to me now that the poor girl was kidnapped and hidden for 1 month just for some kind of erotic show. I have a sick thought that the murderer might be a woman.

  6. i am sick to my stomach reading the news of you, i have written a posting in my blog about it but it is no consolation and thoughts of what the poor little girl underwent kept playing in my mind. it matters not whether the child is nurin or another poor girl, the crime is hineous beyond words

  7. Tiena,

    sula tak cukup tu... kalau bleh sula bebanyak kali for 10 years pun tak cukup lagi..


    well, a lot of things about people who commit these sick erotic shows dont make sense, like say those porn where they crapped and fudged at the same time, that doesnt make sense innit. paedophiles lagila dont make sense.

  8. MSJ,

    True, it does not matter whether the girls is Nurin or not, Malaysian or otherwise. the fact of the matter is that, its inhumane and sadistic. like what i said, death is not enough for the person who did it.