Tuesday, September 25, 2007

BuLaN PuaSa TaG-bet you like it when I type this way eh Naz? Hahaha!

Got tagged by Izham, so here goes, 8 FACTS about Sarcy;

#1 – I am anal

No not that ‘anal’, but the picky, choosy, damn perfectionistic anal.

My clothes must always be washed a certain kind of way, my shoes must always be arranged with the front facing outs, my car must be washed once in a week, and I MUST clear the kitchen counter, wash the pots and pans, clean the stove before I could enjoy my meal and a bunch of other things that MUST be done my frikkin’ way and no other way.

And lint on clothes?? Lint???!

#2 - I hate snakes

Whether it’s in the TV, glass case or right in front of me. I hate them. It grosses me out, and I find they always look so evil. I find the back of the Gen-2 has a striking similarity to the head of a cobra when they stood up, getting ready to attack. That’s why I don’t like Gen-2s.

#3 – I love mornings on weekends

My mornings kicks off early, 6.30 onwards where I jog at the park, usually followed with my solo breakfast trip at my favorite kopitiam, send the car for a wash and surf the net with a nice hot cup of Mocha at Starbucks.

All this of course, not doable in Ramadhan la kan (Duhh!)

#4 – I hate sideparking

Although I tried a lot of times, and am actually quite good at it, I still hate side parking. I would avoid side parking lots like a plague.

#5 – I am prone to being speed trapped

I have been issued 3 summons within the same month. I feel it is unfair that it seemed that everybody else didn’t. Seemed like my Wiwa and the driver attracted the cameras and they have a misconception that I am frikkin’ rich to pay 300 bucks per pop.

#6 – I like it when I forget but other people remembers

Things like the first date, what I wore on that day, what I said, and what I did. I forget simple insignificant things (Afterall, I might be wearing the same outfit for another date, so what la so significant about that?) but I LOVE it when other people remembers and then they ‘merajuk’ because I don’t. I feel so… powerful and mean… I like that feeling.

#7 – I look arrogant

I look like your average bitch next door. Kaypoh aunties loathes me and people don’t usually approach me especially when I am at work. Don’t fret though because everyone who knows me should know that I am really quite the opposite. Can’t do nothing about my face wot?

#8 – I don’t eat durians

Or any of the produce that is. I get intoxicated (not in a good way) by the smell and turned off by the taste. Oh yeah, once upon a time ago I was dragged by a friend to one of the orchards owned by his family, and was chased all over with one.

Now that is just mean!!!

And who do I want to tag? C’mon now, my blog could hardly get 50 hits in a day. Maks tak glamer k and dah ngaku pun. Whoever have extra time bulan posa ni do la!


  1. Sapa kata you tak glamer ni kak oi... sapa? Sapa tu?

    Heh.. sama lah kita. Ramai org cakap io ni arrogant. Tapi, tak kenal maka tak chenta ok!

  2. demmit. now where did i put that pic of me holding that albino python?

  3. SHeghyl,

    i am a facts kind of person, the numbers on my hit counter indicates that i am no more popular than kuih tart during Merdeka


    wooooooo... dengki eh? lesing karang