Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I am a Baaaaaaad meat eating, intestine chewing sheep ya'll!

Who would find a movie with a flock of angry zombified sheeps scary?

Yeah, that, I would credit to Anna.

And this is my review.

We went on a Saturday. Anna called me and told me about this movie called Black Sheep (2007 film).

“Cerita hapa tuh la kiah?”

“Cerita pasal Kambing biri-biri jadi zombie. My friends said they have watched it and I read the preview.”

“Umm… okay… so what did it say?”

“The preview sounds like a thriller, but then my friends told me about the movie as if it’s a comedy.”

You see, Anna avoids horror flicks like a plague. She finds Supernatural (The Tv series la) scary, and when I asked her along for the ultimate scare fest of Alone (a Thai Movie), she said eh? No thank you, you don’t know me better?

I don’t get what about zombie sheeps that scares the crap out of anyone. Until I read an introduction of the movie on the web.

It is supposed to be a black comedy. And there I was thinking that seriously, is this what New Zealanders sought out as horror? Like seriously?

The story revolves around a man who suffers from acute phobia of sheeps, a scary housekeeper, a psychotic sheep shagger brother, a jolly farm manager and two seriously OTT environmentalist and of course, a flock of sheeps who would later be infected by a failed genetic experiment.

While sheeps that got bitten would be turned to meat craving herbivors (Eh...), humans on the other hand would turn into were-sheeps.

Yup… were-sheeps. I am not talking lambchop kind of sheep, just really butt ugly walking upright sheep wearing one size fits all ugly ass vest.

And they are angry, and not vegan.

The whole plot is predictable (HELLO!! ZOMBIE SHEEPS? What other plot could there be?). There were some scenes where I was the only one who got the humor (Of course all the other people in the theatre thought it was a real horror movie la kan.).

And mint sauce that go acid when thrown to the were-sheeps… PRICELESS.

So if you guys fancy a gore fest with a truckful of dark humor, and bits of bestiality action, go catch this one.

Just don’t expect to be horrified because you will be disappointed.


  1. Heheheehe..carnivorous sheeps huh? I gotta watch this man!

  2. have fun laughing ur head off babe.. hehehe

  3. In the OST ada lagu Baa Baa Black sheep tak?