Monday, September 17, 2007

Frikkin' Internet and Me

I have been spending too much time on the net.

First it was the annoyingly fun MukaBuku phenomenon. Somehow I get satisfaction from throwing a sheep at MsJ and giving a blow up doll to Des and to also poke KCL so many frikkin’ time that if I do that in person, he would have been poked to death.

Of course, me being a ‘wallflower only’ on Facebook kind of give me a more relaxed mukabuku situation. Having less than 10 people on it saves a lot of time, in terms of figuring out who to pimp slap silly next. Granted, Sarcy don’t have a lot of online friends, I could live with that, just as long as I have more than twenty outside of my virtual life. I am easy to please like that.

And then secondly there is the amount of time spent on the net downloading songs. I am going to get this cool MP3 gadget that will play more songs than I could ever want to hear in my car without the irritating skipped CD thing happening everytime I drive over a hump. Which is cool, and which is something that another fellow blogger told me about. I have never really been into gadgets, I am a simple, uncomplicated, do-not-care-about-gadgetry-thingies- woman. The only gadgets I am into are MP3 players, cellphones and cameras.

I would rather spend the rest of my hard earned (very very hard earned) money on shoes and clothes and all the things that could ‘menambahkan semak’ in my eensy teensy weensy room.

Other than that, are things like boredom and the fact that I would rather stay at home in Ramadhan rather than going out contributes to this trend, although I do have a few Iftar gatherings to attend with different sets of friends, ranging from those who wouldn’t think twice about paying RM 40 for a buffet spread at hotels even though they only consume around 0.05% of the food to friends who would find even Secret Recipe a bit too much for buka puasa. It's all in good intention, at least I think so anyway.

Well, at least, now I finally feel that the RM 77 I am paying every month is worth it.


  1. Read today's paper. A man in Beijing, China dies after 3-day internet session. He was playing online games at internet cafe for 3 consecutive days.

  2. woi! stop throwing chickens at me and please try to feed my virtual pet pig BAR-BIE!hahaha
    facebook is fun kan!

  3. Dnas, org tu mati heart attack kah? Sungguh aneh mati main game eh.

    Hi Sarcy.

  4. the blow up doll does nothing for me. can get them in the shape of scarlett ah?

    what's this newfangled mp3 gadget? an ipod? how come your cd player got skip one? lousy la. mine is standard waja punya. no skip one. damn good.

  5. mmg worth it rm77 tukan heheheh

    -saya yg ketagih internet dan masih lapo :P-