Thursday, September 13, 2007

Life starts at 30

A friend who celebrated her 30th birthday last year told me that her life is coming together, at last.

She met the love of her life a few weeks after her birthday, an Ang-moh working for an O&G company. She got a huge promotion and she has got a bun in the oven. The love of her life proposed to her upon knowing about the pregnancy, which she held from him for a week because she thought he would bolt.

Turned out, he was ecstatic, and they are getting married in Phuket end of this year.

I am not that close to her, but we share the same complaints about men and life and such. We corresponded over the email and she invited me to her small wedding.

Less than 200 people, close friends and family, only people who really matter, no ‘tiga pupus’ and such, she added during our internet call.

I am honored that she looked at me as a close friend, although the only thing I have given to her was a Raya Card last year and also considering that I met her last in July 2005.

Life indeed starts at 30, babe. Don’t fret. She told me.

Then, we launched into girly talks on how the wedding gown would be like and such. She said she would have been about 4 months pregnant by then, so her dress will definitely have to conceal the bump.

She asked me about how I am doing, and I said I am still single, and that is ok, I answered.

“When I was your age, I was a mess. Work was frustrating as I was making less than what I deserved and my personal life, it was abusive, that’s the only thing I know how to describe it. I think you have it better.”

I smiled. Maybe so. I don’t exactly know if I either like / dislike being single. I like my privacy but at the same time, I hate being alone. So it’s extremely oxymoronic to me.

I told her about my plans of moving out next year, my excitement of having to struggle by myself after 5 years of staying with my parents, and the prospect of change that it will bring, hopefully. I am crossing my fingers on both. I’ll live life as it comes.

She told me that I am heading there. Life WILL get better and I WILL see things clearer.

I can’t wait, afterall, life, it seemed now, does start at 30.

Maya, Love you babe!


  1. life 'begins' when it begins. sometimes stuff happens when you least expect them to.

    enough of them wise words. bila mau datang sini?

  2. des is right. Life begins when you let it be. You dictate your life babe! good luck...

  3. We'll wait for you babe, with open arms as usual! You know me right?

    Don't worry, you'll be ok.

  4. i agree with her cos i could relate to it.

    life changed for the better for me the year i turned 30. it was everything i never thought would happen.

    i guess you just have to open up to possibilities for you to see what's really out there. don't turn down opportunities to meet people because you might not end up with them but their friends/etc. i met up with a guy and ended up being offered this fantastic job by his futsal mate. you never know what'll turn out.

    once we get so positive of things, good things will come. that, i so believe.

    take care, babe.

  5. i wish i could say the same.

    -memang dah 30

  6. my life is a mess and i like it!
    -oscar the grouch


  7. yeah, totally agree with des and the 'life begins when it begins' ultimatum. It's especially true for us who are over 30 but not really there yet.

    We're not bitter, we're just aged differently.

  8. i wish mine starts at 29..hermmmm

    -saya yang lapo, huhu :P -

  9. Des,

    tatau is the word for now, though i do intend to drive up sometime, if i am crazy enough...


    i honestly am too tired of dictating my life laaa... but of course i could not afford not to la kan...

  10. Sheryl...

    of kos.. i kan tetamu kehormat.. hahahaha....


    dia dah nikah daaaa... the wedding will be in Phuket... i guessed i left that out

  11. Beskot,

    u are my inspiration babe.. seriously... :)


    harapan mesti selalu ditaruh...

  12. Tiena,

    babe you are still young.. lainla kalau dah tuo cam akak ni...


    excuses excuses....

    Lilith, well, maybe you will get your wish.