Monday, September 3, 2007

There’s more to Sarcy than just the palm ... really

(Be forewarned, on a scale of 1-10, this post is 5 on being emo…)

Someone once read my palm many years ago. The one thing that I could remember the most was when he said that help will always be around as and when I happened to be in a fix. True enough, I always get help when I am broke, always get company when I am depressed, always get my dose when I am sexually… umm… needy.(?)

Though, love wise, he said it was vague, he also said that he could be wrong. I am attractive, and smart, he said, smiling. There’s no reason why anyone should walk the streets without noticing me. This I shrugged off as a joke. I am not pretty, I am just enigmatic, a piece of meat that a man would love to sink their teeth in, because basically, if they could not get into my head, better get into my pants.

The someone also told me that palms don’t tell you everything, and even if it does, it is not necessary to believe in.

A friend of mine, was told once by her ex who also happened to read palms, that she would bring bad luck to whoever she goes out with, romantically. The dude was later charged as being an accomplice in a somewhat major murder case (the charges were dropped, no contest, inadequate proof) and her latest squeeze got into an accident, though the squeeze was not what I would personally call as a relationship.

She told me later that her ex shouldn’t tell her this, because now, she believes that she is a jinx.

Belief trumps rationale. True.

All these prophecies, some took as a foundation to living their life, to which I said hell no.

To me my life should not be determined by the lines on my left palm, or the number of moles I have on my back (Chinese believe the more moles you have on your back, hardships will throng you throughout your lifetime.). Life is what you make out of it. And then there is also a matter of fate. No matter how your life sucks, even after so many attempts to make it right, accept it. it’s fate.

But this doesn't mean that you could not make it better. There's nothing wrong with trying, agreed?

So that’s why I have, so many times, when I lie next to a person whom I care so much for, I accepted the fact that I could not be with him. I am contented with that little piece of heaven of me being with him at that moment.


  1. Sampai hati my link takde kat your blog.. sedih ok?

    Eh, apa yang kau merepek ni syaitan?

  2. dey, setan, u punya blog private maaaaa.. i am just protecting your interest now.. :)

    i dont want all the loonies and perasan bagus biatches and bashtards go to your blog... hehe

  3. *cium sarcy*

    true, true... thanks dear!

    Sayang sarcy.... so jadik beli itu kasut kah?

  4. Sheryl,

    * me french kiss Sheryl*


    waaant.. but i think i should go up to KL la like this, i am not konfiden of my feet size..:|