Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have doubts about a lot of stuff lately.

To clear out those doubts, I turn to my workouts.

Sweating it out comes with the bliss of forgetting everything.

About my 'weekend rendesvouz' and work, mostly.

Things like, how do I know if The Scotsman is actually ok with spending time with me almost every weekend, or how to motivate a team whose job priorities are in a mess.

I even think in my sleep. I sometimes dream about The Scotsman and I have had more than 30 sleepless nights occasions when I dreamt about work.

Heck... if I have a bedmate, I would probably be told that I talk about work in my sleep.

So, lately, one of the things that I try to do is to forget about thinking. The only time when I would not be thinking, would be when I sweat it out at the gym.


I saw cows today at Kota Damansara.

At Persiaran Surian to be exact, like maybe 5 KMs away from Ikea.

I don't know how they got there, and I am sure all the other drivers were... puzzled too.

I for one said 'fuck me' a couple of times. One of them was walking on the pedestrian so called pavement, right next to the trailing traffic.

That was an eye opener.


My first post on the new blog with new layout.

And all I can come up with are useless thoughts and cows.

*Slaps self*


  1. haha, finally the 'bleep me softly'. still makes me grin.

  2. cows are interesting specimens.