Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I believe in having my space.

Space is important. It's the cherry on top of the whipped cream for an independent woman.

We can love and care for someone to death but still need space.

I was 'accused' of giving one of my exes, apparently, too much space. He wanted to go and have a guy's night out and I said ok and he said I don't care for him.

The thing is, this I told him, I want him to have his own life, one that did not revolve around our relationship. There should always be a secular approach to relationships no?

Like the separation of education and religion, and politics. It's never good when it's all mixed up.

He called me a bitch for that.

And I walked out the door, literally.

Now you would wonder, how on earth did I end up with people like these? Well... I am a woman, yes? I was deceived by their sweet nothings and bullshit. They acted as if they were ok with it and one day, it all went out in the open.

Exploded... more like it.

I am not the kind of person who sits well being controlled by other people.

I observe my friends and the people I know and learnt from them.

A friend who is in a long term relationship decided to not go to a team outing because the 'boyfriend' said she could not go.

My first thought was :

'Who the fuck is the 'boyfriend' to make a decision whether she should go or not? He is not even her husband for fuck's sakes."

If I have a fucker like that as my 'other half' (Will NEVER happen), I would stick his foot in his ass.

Now imagine how it would be if they ever get married.

The horror.

Even if you are married, one should always retain a sense of individuality. Sure you will spend a lot more time with each other, but it doesn't mean that one should be 100% controlled by the other.

There should always be a balance.

Or am I wrong and this is why I am single.

*Laugh out loud*


  1. Nope, you're not wrong. It just people. Some people likes to be in each others boxers, you see... Some like to be in control, others like to be controlled. We, the free spirited Aquarian beings, we love our spaces. And we need that time on our own, however small, however short. A breather. I'm thankful I'm married to a person who understands the same.

  2. This is a friendly reminder from the association of JERKS.

    The foot in the ass move is to only be attempted by trained professionals. Anyone who is not a trained "jerk" not not ever do so without proper supervision from another professional "jerk".

    Thank you.

    I hope you understand that life is about balance. And the kind of idiot that dictates how a person should dress, walk, talk and befriend are imbeciles that should be squashed and pushed aside like the retard that they are.

    I am very serious in my opinion on this kind of matter.

  3. I believe it all boils down to trust. the only reason u control someone is becoz u dont trust them and believe they will do something that cld break your heart and your trust. Im not saying one should control their spouses every move, im just trying to understand why it happened. if there is no trust then one cannot have a healthy relationship