Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thank You

I said Thank You to The Scotsman in very unexpected situations.

I do.

So much so that he was asking me 'What did you thank me for?'

I guess it's like a habit for me to say 'thanks' to people.

For one, The Scotsman treats me like an individual, not a possession. He listens to me and he takes what I think seriously.

Like which shirt to go with the shorts he chose for the day.

(Okay, so that's  not exactly ... important.)

During the weekend, we spent it mostly getting to know each other better.

I taught him how to eat 'nasi lemak bungkus' with half boiled eggs. He preferred to mix his rice with the half boiled eggs and eat them that way.

Apart from Will, my crazy American friend who has a penchant for really spicy foods, he would be the other white guy who loves his chili and spices.

The only difference with The Scotsman and Will would be, that I am dating The Scotsman.

The Scotsman thinks my foods are weird at times. Like cendol, which he doesn't like, or that soy cincau drink I had at Madam Kwan's.

Well, I thought that the way he does his dishes are weird, so we kind of squared off.

The weekend is also the time that we would be getting some downtime by hanging out by the pool, basically doing nothing, and having some sun.

But the thing is, I think the sun hates me.

I can't seem to come to any other conclusion other than that when it is so obvious.

The sun would be shining fiercely when I am in the apartment, or on my way to the pool, and the moment I arrive at the pool, it went cloudy.

I honestly hope that my fat(s) has nothing to do with it.

Wait. The white man in the pool with the jiggly belly didn't seem to make the sun disappear. He's been here for the past hour.


I have to position myself ideally too so that my fatness doesn't really show.

The Scotsman scoffed this off by saying all the other girls by the pool are not perfect either. Some of them are too skinny, butt's too freckled... etc.

"So... don't care about these things. Just relax and enjoy."

So for 35 minutes, I was relaxing, Sun came out for about 20 minutes and it feels like bliss. Just have to make sure that I have my I-Pod on the next time because if I have a gun next to me, I would have shot that crow that was making the damn noise for 10 minutes non stop.

So we happened to be around when the Ferraris came out to play at Pavilion. We were sitting nearby having our post-brunch cappuccino when the cars came out.

"I am going to take pictures of the people who are taking pictures of the Ferraris."

So I did just that :

I mean, what's the deal anyway, to take pictures with cars that don't belong to you.

Odd... human behavior.

And I had my taste of really good tomato sandwiches.

They were... delicious.

And pancakes at home. Joyce just felt like she wanted to have pancakes and so she invited a couple of friends (My staff from office) and we had a hot plate pancakes mini breakfast party :

It was great.... full of calories... but NICE.

So I guess, thanks are in order to people who made my weekends complete : My best friends, Joyce and Krishna, my girl night out partner, Faz, to be able to enjoy herself at No Black Tie for a Jazz trio on Friday, even though she is not really into Jazz :

And of course, to The Scotsman, who actually still wants me around every weekend.

Thank You!


  1. Apparently you sound like your in love.

    Just saying ... :P

  2. izchan,

    oh heavens NO. I wouldn't want to get into that mess again.

    We are literally having fun. I think he doesn't care about me and my existence come Weekdays. which is fine.. because I love my space.

    I am on a mission to get flat stomach.. better to do it without any distraction.