Friday, April 8, 2011


I met up with a good friend for lunch earlier. I drove to Pavilion and met up with her at The Loaf.

Now, I love The Loaf at Bangsar. Their service is not exceptional, but it's decent.

So Jade and I walked into The Loaf, expecting, first of all, food.

The waitress that served us waited for a while for us to choose from the menu.

You know how 1 person is actually enough to put people off from patronizing an establishment? The waitress that we had was such person.

A group of 4 people came in maybe 10 minutes after us and after they placed their order, their waitress, who was not ours, set the placesettings and served them the digestifs of freshly toasted bread and butter.

Jade and I looked at our yet to be set table and we looked at each other. At first, we didn't know that we are supposed to be served digestifs.

We ordered the grilled beef salad as appetizer, and after seeing that the food had arrived at our next table, we called to the other waitress to check on our order. She did just that and came back later with a plate of bread and butter, and set our table with plates and cutleries.

The waitress who served us was nowhere to be seen at this point.

Our appetizer arrived finally. We had to wait for a while for our main course, to the extent of Jade calling our waitress to find out what exactly happened with our food.

The waitress said :

"Yes we serve you the appetizer first."

I looked at Jade and said that well, the appetizer was not even served by YOU.

I guess, both Jade and I was so befuddled at that time that neither of us can actually say anything. We were speechless!

The waitress then disappeared and then came to take the empty dishes.

No apologies, no smile, no nothing.

Jade and I was irritated by then.

The other waitress then sent our food to our table. Jade ordered pasta so she asked our waitress for some paprika / black pepper.

Apparently the waitress said :

"Yes... black pepper sauce... yes."

Jade had to then ask for chilli flakes, since the server, didn't seem to know what paprika was.

We didn't really enjoy our meal. We were talking about the bad service rather than anything else.

Like how, upon ordering of the grilled beef salad, we were not asked on how we would like our beef, or how Jade wasn't asked if she wanted Spaghetti or Fetuccine for her pasta, when it was indicated in the menu that we do have a choice.

I bet if we were to ask that person about a certain dish, say, about the beef salad, she will tell us, with her blank face -"It's a salad."

"No need la kerja here that woman. Better pergi kerja kat mamak je. Mamak punya service pun elok lagi." I remarked.

Did we complaint? Well, the floor manager was no where to be seen and it won't be a good situation if we find out that the 'waitress' happened to be the floor manager. So we leave it at that.

This was what I personally observed. None of the servers at The Loaf actually bothered to smile at us, the paying customers. And being that we are Malaysians (Tsk tsk), we didn't say anything because, well, I guess, I was sleepy and I wasn't in the mood to argue or for conflict.

I am a terrifying disgruntled customer. But somehow, I was too lethargic to say anything.

On Monday, I met up with Jade at One Utama. She wanted to buy the Benefit's lipstick that I have. So I brought her to the Benefit's counter. I had an excellent promoter the last time I bought stuff there.

Unfortunately, the lady who tended to me wasn't there. There was a fairly new promoter and another girl who seemed to be more knowledgeable and informed of the products.

Jade remarked, because she was the one who was trying out the make up, that the girl who tended to her seemed to not want to help her.

It must be a trend for Malaysians to just have fucked up customer service skills because right after that, we were irritated again by the sales promoter at Xixili.

I wanted to buy a lingerie set there, but changed my mind because of the bad service rendered by the uninformed promoters there.

However, we went to the Benefits counter at Pavilion just now and thankfully, the promoters there were excellent. We complained to them about the service that we received at One Utama, and then we found out that the person who made me up, was responsible for all Benefits outlets in KL. He was apologetic and assure us that it will be taken care of.

1 person is enough to put people off from spending money. 1 person is enough to give any organization a bad name.

If I have the chance to change this, I would make these three people who we encountered to go through bad customer service for 1 year.

Crap begets crap... No?


  1. I like xixili better than the others.
    Their designs just seems ... nicer.
    Thats from a man's perspective.
    ... Am I saying too much :P

  2. Xixili's design can sometimes be too tame... no?

  3. maybe, but I like the way they make woman look so sexy.