Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I gave a somewhat a liberated sexual related comment on FB.

And before you knew it, I had 5 friends request from the bloke's chain of friends.

My purpose of having an FB account  is NOT to make new friends. I want to stay in touch with friends that I already have.

I decided then to change my relationship status to 'It's Complicated', to avoid all these friend's requests from strangers.

Forget about the fact that I AM currently in a rather complicated potential relationship situation.

What I didn't anticipate was that, it caused a hoo haa among my group of friends.

One remarked;

"Well, it's about FRIKKIN' time!"

Well... that came from Izso, one of the bloggers that I came to be friends with, who I have never met! -_-... the time will come...


I found it funny how people are excited for me being in a scandal relationship.

I am not even sure that what we have is a relationship. Sure we meet every weekend but I still feel like we are still in the getting to know each other phase, of remembering that he does not take his tea with sugar and him remembering I like my latte with NO sugar and with extra 6 2 shots.

I just found out that he makes a mean tomato sandwich. He just found out that I make the sun disappear everytime I go to the pool.

So really, it's actually not complicated. It's simple to see that both of us are having fun.

The reason for the whole change of status still stands.

I don't want to be friends with strangers and being poked by someone just because I said something wildly unexpected by Malay Malaysian standards.

Get with the program.


  1. Interesting.
    Sun Disappearing.
    I wonder if Saturn and Pluto are aligned during these phases ... :P

    Urghhh ... facebook is really bothersome.

    And don't mind izso.
    He is getting into middle age and hormones are acting up.

    And finally...
    There is a program? ... :O

  2. Hahahahahah...

    ....to be in a relationhsip...hmmm

    Remind me again, why did I get married? ;)

    Irritaes me to no end when I'm poked

    Nice blog you have here :)

  3. I DETEST being poked!
    poke! poke! poke!
    who's idea was it? let us poke him/her!!

  4. Izchan :

    Probably. It's annoying, especially when you are already slathered in sunscreen and all ready to be tanned. -_-

    Have another theory that maybe only when the two of us come out to the pool that the sun decides to disappear.


    welcome. ;)... to the ... well... 3 regular readers of my blog.. Hahahahaha....

    yes... being poked is cumbersome...


    babeh...I prefer to throw a rabid dog to them. :)

  5. Hmmm...I need to find you on FB ;)

    All relationships are complicated but friends are *generally* happy to see that you have found someone you dont dislike spending time with.

    Btw - its an English thing - taking tea with no sugar, just milk. What other quirks have you been discovering? ;)

  6. weii you make me gelak pagi-pagi la. you have another blog called bleep me softly? lol.

  7. Mirebella :

    he doesn't take milk. That I remember. And doing the dishes with hot water, and mackerel on toast.. :|... not my favorite, but it's alright.

    Hehe... email me at my gmail and I will give you my real name.. wahahahaha..

    Darlene ;

    Well at least your day starts with laughter and that's not bad at all kan? :)... Oh yeah that blog, was thinking of starting another one, but Do not have the time to update.. bolehkah... :P

  8. hmm how come ur not in my fb friend's list huh? :P

  9. S&T: because you tak ajak? :D...

  10. S&T : email me! cannot la disclose the real nama here.. :P