Monday, April 25, 2011

Just keep swimming

I can't swim.

As much as I wished that my parents had enough sense to throw me into the pool when I was young, they didn't.

My parents were working parents. And it was not in the nature of my grandparents who live in the Kampung to throw their only granddaughter at the time to a parit pool.

Swimming pools were not exactly common back then.

Recently, I hung out a lot with The Scotsman on the weekends and one of his favorite pastime is to hang out by the pool.

Getting a tan were not our only priority, we are also supposed to go for a swim.

For someone who can't swim, that's a disturbing thought.

So I will be on the sunbed, in my two piece, looking enviously at the kids who would be swimming in the pool.

Me,  a 32 year old, thought, quietly... 'Damn it... if only I can at least float!'

Well, I think I can float. But I would have to hang on to something.

So I would be 'floating' at the edges of the pool.

Or trying quite devastatingly, to... at least have my foot off the pool's bottom.


The Scotsman is trying to teach me how to swim, I keep on saying that I need professional help. It's this fear I have of... sinking.

"You wee thing.. you can't sink. Your body won't let you." He said, before patting my wet head.

Yes... a human, technically... can't sink in shallow water.

But I a human can go under water and swallow a 'wee' bit of water and sputter to oblivion and feeling that damn nose sting.

But, I am trying to not get that into the way of me and swimming. I am going to take the risk and will learn how to swim... no matter what. I only have this lifetime to learn how to tread water with a certain degree of clumsiness, if I am never going to do so with grace.



  1. The only comment i have on the swimming part is that ...

    We need pictures of you in your two piece. :P

  2. For some reason, always forgot to bring my phone /camera when I go to the pool.

    It's that time of the week when we can be detached from technology and away from the electronic leash that is the blackberry. :D...