Monday, October 21, 2013

Putting the Skinnies to Shame

Eversince I started yoga, many years ago, people asked me -- Why?

It's the same thing when I started having obsession for interval training -- Why?

The other golden question (Soalan Cepu Emas, in Malay) would be -- What motivates you to do all these self inducing torture?

Well, I started yoga because I love the challenge and interval training because of the rush. 

My motivation -- Duh. My fat ass of course. 

Most of the people who asked me questions on my 'fitness' regime, including my daily diet, are those who are skinnier than me. Some of them went the extra mile of scoffing my regiment. Most of them totally convinced themselves that they are not able to commit to exercise and churned out excuses. 

Things like ; 

1) I am not flexible enough for yoga 


2) I don't have enough stamina

Yeah, I have to make sure I GET my stamina.

3) I don't think I have the time

Don't think. Just do it.

4) I can't go one day without rice.


5) Yoga is for infidels

Yeah. And unhealthy habits get you 40 virgins in heaven? I don't think so.

6) You will still die no matter what anyways

Well, think about your husband/wife/kids who will have to carry you to your grave. Being fat is not helpful. (Pardon the lack of sensitivity.)

The thing is, people say that we shouldn't use the F word. Some people really didn't have a choice. Obesity can be genetic. Okay. Fair enough.

But these can be otherwise translated to just making up excuses. I recently come across a group of big yoginis. Some of them can even do certain poses that I cannot do for nuts. (Well.. I can't do... yet).

At that moment, the wheels in my overactive mind is turning. I went ; 'Damn. All these excuses I have been giving myself when I was not able to nail that variation of Hanumanasana. I am ashamed.'

As a skinnier person, I was put to shame by these yoginis' commitment to Yoga. 

So, from now on, I will stop making excuses for myself, or the incessant frustration I get on my mat when I was not able to nail a pose. 

Like how my Guruji said, some people need more time. Yoga is not about other people's standards, the standards had always been individual. As long as your intentions are pure, the poses will come. 

With Love, Namaste


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