Monday, November 28, 2011

Why Yoga?

From my Facebook note :

I do have people who ask me... why Yoga?

They were curious over the fact that I have a gym membership, that I enjoy circuit training just as much as I enjoy 'elongating my spine and taking long breaths in a state of zen.'

I also have people asking me :

'Dude... so are you like... a hippie?'

or ;

'Are you like trying to copy Ninie Ahmad or something?'

(Just because I cut my hair short and do Yoga...=_=... in what world? I am huge, have thunder thighs and love my meat, so to emulate Ninie Ahmad is not possible.)

I was practising Yoga before it became cool.

I was practising Yoga before I shed off 12 kilos... that was when I was still in JB, making 1600 bucks a month.

and driving the frikkin' kancil.

With Moolah comes greater opportunities to do things in a more proper way.

So why Yoga?

Dude, when you are able to do shoulder stand like it's Tuesday... and the wheel pose like it's Thursday, you feel a kind of ecstatic sense of accomplishment.

And when you sit cross legged donning an Anjali Mudra thinking of nothing but to be in peace with yourself after a sweaty and intense sequence, you feel strangely.... good about yourself... and how about that time when you are able to do a Chaturanga thinking that shit... I can't do this a year ago, and now I can!!!!.

It's all about self achievement... although small and insignificant to other people, it is a major thing to be able to bend your feet on top of your head and twist your torso in bound sage pose.

So.. Why Yoga? Well... It makes me feel powerful about myself.

Can I now ask why cigarettes and giving excuses to not lead a healthier life and opting to rot slowly with nicotine infested lungs and fat asses to other people who asked me why Yoga?



  1. Is that why your sexual life is more interesting than your other expects of it?
    It's purely an academic question, so don't read too much out of it.

  2. It's a total misconception that Yogis are better at sex.

    and I don't think I even have a sex life right now. Sad I know.

  3. Owwwh, we.. I mean, people generally have better sex for sure when they become so much in tuned with their breath, body, mind, sensuality, inner strength and confidence. Only when we are so connected with ourselves, we connect to others. Only when we love and respect ourselves (or our body), we'd love and respect others (' bodies).

    Since the first two rules of yoga (from 8 Limbs of Ashtanga) is
    1) respect others
    2) respect yourself,
    sex is no longer just an act of making love or to procreate but sex IS a part of yoga (as anything organic and natural in life is yoga, in a bigger picture). Not the other way around ;)

    And as cliche as it might sound, what's better than two yogis (I, on behalf of aspiring yogis detest using the word 'flexible' to describe yoga people as yoga gives us not just flexibility, but also superhuman strength, focus, balance, hot ass, he heee.. I could go on) making better use of the animal-named poses off their yoga mat..

    My gratitude for the mention Sarcy, as always :)

    Love and light,

  4. Thanks for enlighting my understanding for the curious world of bending.

  5. Hehe... The expert speaks. Thanks Ninie!!!

    \0/ for Yoga!