Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Family Affair?

I am someone who is not family oriented.

I am kind of detached from my family somewhat. Detached here meaning that, I am just, not close to them.

I have been brought up on tough love. I was the eldest of three siblings and I had to be in charge, involuntarily.

It is not a tradition in our family to be affectionate. I don't hug or kiss my parents whenever I go out. I do kiss their hands, only because, it's THE thing to do to your parents or anyone else who are older than I am.

I don't sign off with a 'Love You' in my SMSes to my Mum and I never got a 'Love you' from them either.

It's all rather... awkward professional, actually.

I only 'peluk' and 'cium pipi' (hugs and cheek kiss) with my Aunts because they did it. You can see the awkwardness whenever my Mother, Sister and I had to do it.

That would be because, we don't do that. We have never been brought up that way.

So, because of that, I am unable to relate to family issues. Never been sure on how to act to the situation. I know that I give cash and stuff, but I am just, shite at doing all the other stuff.

I have never had that need to make babies in the hope of them taking care of me when I am old.

I am hoping that I would be good enough surviving on my own. Afterall, I am getting to used to being alone right now anyway.

Oh well, Maybe I would change, maybe I would not.

One thing's for sure... IF I am ever going to change... EVER, I would make sure that my kid would not grow up like me.


  1. Every parent says that they don't want their children to have their life .
    Even the rich ones say that .
    Our children should have it better than us.
    Yet strangely we are alive today because of their life. So how bad could it be when we were the product of that cycle?

    I am babbling.

  2. Being alive doesn't mean that we live, Izchan. There's a huge difference.

  3. But living is based on our own choice, they might have gave us life but we are the one that needs to live it.