Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is a no brainer post

I paid RM59 for this yesterday...

Why? I don't quite know, really... I just felt like buying it... it is a Guess? Miniature perfume.

It must be because of the pink bottle... Hmmm...

And while I am still on things I buy... I bought this dress at RM 19.90...

Oh well, I do think that it is a good time to sleep on the impulsive buys...


Is it a diversion to hide the government’s obvious incompetence? You decide…

In a time when Malaysia is searching for a (For ONCE since Tun!) charismatic and ‘useful’ leader, we are fussing over Yoga and how everyone who is a Muslim should stop practicing it.

Stop fussing over something that is irrelevant. I think it is about time they stop treating us Malaysians as retards who could not think for ourselves.

P/S-> I happened to love Yoga. Of course half of the time I am second guessing my positions and stuff but, yoga keeps me relaxed, and it does wonders for my current sleep situation. So… screw it.


  1. buying stuff for urself really is a therapy tau...

    and like the pink bottle too it's cute

  2. LOL!!! The whole yoga thingy is such a joke. I think it's only when you become of those seriously hardcore flex-any-how-oso-can type of gurus then it becomes something else other than Yoga. But banning it is just a slap on their face.


    And yes, it's not a good time to have impulsive buys. Save where you can man.

  3. Kawaii,

    yeah... like any other therapy, it will cost ya... hahahaha

    Izso, on Yoga, ditto man.. ditto... *Speechless already*

    on impulse buys, i am a woman, buy now regret later... :P

  4. hey, share with us if you have any secret shopping spots. i myself still frequent sg wang (since studying). many of the clothes MAY make me scream WTH? but if i comb carefully through the racks , i normally manage to get the 'wearable' ones. lol.

  5. Babeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! I know I have been on a hiatus: but try organising a week-long world class event with our Prime Minister keeps on demanding for this and that!!!

    It's all over and done with now and I have been recuperating without any interaction with the outside world.

    Must catch up as I am ready to take on the world now ;)!!!

  6. Darlene..

    ooh.. i have a lot.... maybe in the next post who knows eh??


    OYYY!!!! finally... I have been trying to call to wish you Selamat Hari Raya... i figured you must be all over the place... so i will just wait until you contact me lorrr... hiihihi

    We must OMG we MUST!