Thursday, October 16, 2008

One little two little three little cup size...

I am not sure if I am suppose to be happy about this or ... not.

My mission to bust the flab had apparently worked well, actually now I am beginning to think it had worked perhaps a little too well.

At first, I thought maybe it’s not so much about me, maybe it is the suspicous pair of cups that are maybe... overworn... but boy was I wrong.

And yes, I am talking about my boobs. I think I have maybe lost a whole cup size.

I was in Xixili and La Senza the past few couple of days as I was constantly bugged by the fact that my bra seemed to be bigger than the flesh that used to fill them up.

I talked to some of my friends and they assumed that it is the bra. They told me I should start shopping for new ones.

So I strolled into one of the lingerie store I love which is Xixili, picked a frilly lacy number. The sales woman, bless her guts told me this after she saw that I was holding on to a C cup bra;

“Miss ah... I rasa your size bukan C la.” (Miss... I think your size is definitely not a C (Well, I think she might have just put it that way!)

I thought she was going to say that my size is a D, which is most unlikely, come to think of it.

“I rasa you size B la.” (I think you are a frikkin’ B woman!)

*Jaw drops*

“Eh takdelah... I selalu beli C cup la.” (Hell no... I am a cup C-la)

Adamant about her judgment, she handed me a B cup and asked me to try it on.

She must have graduated with honors in her Undegarments training academy because true enough, the C cup got me trying to fill up the gaps, and I fit the B cup perfectly...

PERFECTLY... like ... WTH!

I came out all confused... I mean... give me a break, I just lost one whole cup size and I find that out in a fitting room!

“Muat tak?” (So... does it fit? Can I say I told you so?)


She smiled... smugly, satisfied that she had proved me wrong.And she got her commission on the sale.

I did buy the lingerie I picked, in the size she picked. One thing I got right is the size of my bottom halfs.

At least I have a little bit of dignity left after that horrifying discovery that I am now a flailing B cup.

Well... I loved my C cup... I guess it is not too vain of me to pray that I will one day get my C cup back and not to gain extra kilos on my hips.

Boleh kan... boleh? Boleh???


  1. Kalau lah boleh transfer yg bawah tu pergi atas, kan ke elok? The same goes in my case - when I lose weight, the top half seems to shrink faster than the bottom half!

  2. Pugs,

    exactly. my trainer friend suggested target training, but as if i have the time to even do this properly la kan?

    The only thing I have the time to do now is only diets and running, tu pun not everyday.. :P

  3. b cup c cup.. until we get some hard evidence.. i'm saying it's all lies!


  4. Des,

    Hard evidence? huh? if i say i am a D tuh maybe youwould need some hard evidence la... ahahahaha...

  5. At least OK lah since you were a C. I was a B, and when I lost weight I went to an A! But now am back to B again. Bottom half toksah cerita la. Nanti suicidal.

  6. I don't know whats the big deal with boobs. B, C, D, whatever. They're just boobs and when the clothes come off, imho the boobs not suffocating my face is a good thing.

  7. babe i menang wei, my boobies ar still the best.

    kali nih i still XXL ur a L hahahhahahahahhahahah

  8. Jazzy,

    Ehehehe... well... its a catch 22 situation la yang unfortunately


    thats very practical of you.. ehehehehe


    yelah tuh berlagak la sangat