Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Post Raya post...

Back to work after a glorious 6 days festive leave.

The thing was that I actually spent almost half of today waiting for my PC to work, that after only 6 days!

Hihi… I don’t know what to say about my Raya. The fact that I was kind of sick on most of it was redundant. I spent the days off lazing in front of the TV or on the internet, drinking loads of carbonated water and on Saturday, I ferried my Nana and Grandpa to Raya trips visiting my Grandpa’s side of relatives in Segamat.

A certain incident got me feeling down. It was a huge misunderstanding. I love this friend of mine, he is so important that I would drive down to JB if anything bad ever happened to him (Touch wood!)

Only a selected few get that privilege from me, and he is definitely one of them.

Well, there is nothing a simple apology could not do… I am glad it is all behind us now.

And talk about overspending, I think I did it. I am broke… so broke, so God help me.

And as for the baju kurung merah, my mood was wrecked when the open house I went to wearing that baju serve us BAKSO and cold mee and mihun goreng.

I hate bakso. Eecks!

So subsequently, as a result of being served yucky Bakso, I lost the mood to take pictures of myself in the gorgeous Baju Kurung.

Like come on la… open house pi serve Bakso in small polysterene bowls, pre-filled too. I mean if you are going to limit people’s helpings, better tak yah buat open house je la.

I swear to God that nobody could rival the way my grandparents entertain. They would serve every bit of morsel to guests who came. We are talking everything from Ketupat, Lemang, Lepat, Rendang, Lodeh, and all the miscellaneous dishes like Nasi Ayam, Bukhari, Laksa.
We just come from a long line of very generous people.

Sarcy holds a grudge to everyone who is not generous. My family will actually feed a bit of our food to stray cats so go figure la kan. It’s in the genes kot all this generosity business.

Anyway… tolong la, nak buat open house, sila jangan serve Bakso lepas tu dengan penuh kedekut sekali pulak tu… Peeved… very…


  1. I don't like bakso too. But bakso is something you have for breakfast not for raya !

  2. Izso,

    a soupy dish with rice cakes and beef balls... :P... i hated it..

    Madam Curi,

    tu lah pasal... i didnt even have it for breakfast. being a Johorean, i thought that was soto and i though the balls were begedils... but well... it wasnt, and it practically ruined my appetite for the whole day.

  3. hey babe ur soooo lucky to have generous relatives! I am so sick of my stingy granny who has so much money but so careful with how much food she cooks and gives people! Raya here is often stressful with the younger generation trying to make the best of it and the grandma shouting at us to stop because 'banyaknya!!!!!!!!!'
    there are so many ppl who dont have much but give a lot and my gran is jus the opposite! weird...

  4. hehe babe... berjimat kot... times are bad...

    well you know what my family is like... they will give.. as long as they still have em'