Sunday, October 12, 2008

Random notes

I find that somehow, as I get older, my attitude towards things change.

I mean, I cried when I watch sad movies. What is that? That is something so unlike me that even when I was crying, I was telling myself that I am ridiculous to even start!

But you know what, when you are watching the likes of Cinta and Sepi back to back, you will cry. Especially when your life had only been work and work and nothing else. Being in a relationship does not help especially when you are not really sure about it (Yet...)

Like how a friend of mine put it, I am feeling that way only because it has not quite felt like the real thing yet.

That, or I am hanging on to something else... or it’s just that I have other priorities.

I am 30 (I decided that since it will only be a few months since the big 3-oh, might as well get on the programme and have it done and over with.) and there are still so many things that needed doing. Getting on the wagon again, I am not sure I want to do that. I will make do with what I have now.

That aside, I am following the progress of the US election closely. Working with an American company I guess I have to make sure I know some things about what is going on in that part of the world. That and Barack Obama.

He is just... scrumptious. I have this thing about smart men. He was a lawyer, so I assume that that had me interested as well. It was such a shame that the last lawyer I dated was a wreck. Might as well because should I be in a relationship with him right now it would only be because of my vested interest in his profession and not anything else about him.

That would be a mistake.

And this whole thing about fate had been bugging me lately. I was not the one who started it, but my bestie. She was telling me there are only a few things that we could control, our feelings being one of it, but fate, you don't have any say in it.

I disagreed. I believe your fate is what you make it.

Being that I am Muslim and she is not, I am suppose to say and believe in what she is saying.


  1. unfortunately, emotions are something mysteriously elusive. just when you think you have a good grip on it. something happens and it throws you off balance.

  2. Fate can't be controlled and happens whether you like it or not, one way or another. If it's meant to be then it's meant to be. But there are times where you can control it, but only to a certain degree.

    Destiny is something you have control over. You can be whatever you want to be, how you get there, it's all up to fate.

  3. i would say that we cannot control our feeling and fate but what we can control is how we deal with our emotion and the outcome of our fate!

  4. Who says feelings are something we can control? Most of the time, there's little we can do to control it :-)

    & I agree with what's been said before me. Fate is something we cannot control, but we can help to steer it towards the direction we want it to go. That's what's called 'usaha' - effort. Then comes 'tawakal' - hope for the best. InsyaAllah, if you really want it & if you focus enough on it, you will get what you want. It's mind over matter, baby :-)

  5. Hyphenated,

    true. I believe so too. I used to believe i am done crying. But then for the past couple of years, i have been crying like nobody's business, and over petty things too, which is.. again... ridiculous.


    well I still believe fate is what you make of it... its the rules of action and consequences... no?

  6. MsD,

    Hmm.. feelings are elusive. Fate is ... something that we can control.. to me la.

    thats why i like working, I dont think about these things when i am working and have to chase SLAs and stuff


    yeah.. I agree with you on feelings... seriously... i cried when i was at SPCA a couple of days ago.. like wth la kan... :P... fate... well... i still believe it can be controlled. at least some aspect of it. as in ajal and stuff... well that is something that we cant control la.

  7. with regards to the US elections.. i'm voting for tina fey.

    yes.. that chick from 30 rock.

    what do you mean she's not contesting?!

  8. yup i agree with the barack being hot bit. thats all i hafta say!