Thursday, September 18, 2008

Last weekend and a month ago

I finally have something to blog about… with pictures too!

I went to Malacca with a few friends from the office and one of them happened to be my boss from the US. The last time I went was about 6 months (-ish) ago. Malacca had somehow changed to this over developed town. I have always loved Malacca because of the quaint little streets and the old world feel the buildings have.

Now, it’s a whole new world. The only type of trishaws you could find are those over decorated ones with loud music blasting from the ‘beca stereo’. We went on the river cruise and it turned out to be so painfully commercial. I can’t remember how many times I actually rolled my eyes listening to the pro-government lines from the cruise operator.

And what is the deal with the monitor lizards anyway? I find it funny that the tourists seemed to get so excited when the guide announced that they sighted one along the river. The cruise operator was also painfully corny.

But nevertheless… we did enjoy shopping in Jonker street. It was fun. Well, if you could call buying one RM 10 necklace (Which I so frikkin’ love!) and two bottles of Cincaluk shopping!

Overall, we had fun.

Basikal Tua in sephia mode

Me and Joyce, my FB wife

I also attended a friend’s solemnization ceremony in Senawang (This was like a month old story). Congrats Shelly and Yusri. I am not putting their picture here without permission. But I shot some other pictures in the mosque.

Tadaa!! Cute tak Akak? Well.. I had to put it on in a mosque