Thursday, September 4, 2008

I am Losing the streak!

I laughed out loud when I went to Ome’s blog and read the Muslim’s pick up lines.


Ones that really took the cake were ;

"Are those legs halal?"

And the ultimate…

"Do you work for al-Qaeda? You hijacked my heart!"

I can’t imagine what my face would look like if I am the one on the receiving end. Being that I have always been the smart ass to any man who came armed with a pick up line, I might probably be dumbfounded and end up laughing my sarcastic butt off.


I think I have lost my sarcastic streak. The fact that I didn’t brush off a guy who came to me out of nowhere in a shopping mall last week made me think so. As a matter of fact, my friends thought that I have truly lost my mind. I have never given a glance to men who tried to talk to me before. I have always given them the cold stare and walked off.

What made it crazier was that I even went so far as to give out my number to the dude. I am shocked at myself.

I have always joked around to people saying that I would probably never open up to anyone else aside from the love of my life that I will never end up with. And then a friend of mine told me that somehow, it didn’t quite make the cut as a joke. I meant every word I said.

So I guess, maybe subconsciously, I am changing and revising my personal ideals. It is okay to not have the chance to be with someone who made me feel like I could take on the world and with whom I could be truly myself with. Chances are worth taken, I guess.

Besides, I thought the dude’s body was sweet… hahaha… it doesn’t have to be serious what?


  1. Cool. Since I know what you look like, I'm gonna see if I can stalk you or something.. LOL

  2. I look different in real life you know.. I think i look better...


  3. :-) hehe ... funny eh ...:) .. maybe u r just loosening up a bit ... manalah tau .. Sarcy's tender side is making more frequent appearances :)